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    Winter Holidays 2019

    The first week of the school holidays has flown by so quickly. It’s been quite a cold week, but we have been a little busy. Our youngest (8) wanted to try his hand at martial arts, so we found a spot for him at the Matt Fiddes class in Caloundra. He has just done a trial class so far, and has another one to go, but right now, he is smitten with the idea that he could possibly be the next ‘The Karate Kid’. Hubby watched the first movie with him last week, and he thoroughly enjoyed the antics of Mr Miyagi teaching the young Daniel Larusso the art of…

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    Fun and Fit Kids

    For  some time now,  one of our daughters has wanted to do gymnastics.  Before our trampoline died she spent a lot of time teaching herself tricks on the trampoline.   Like every good mum out there I looked around for a place where she could go and learn and practice her skills.    In Caloundra we have the YMCA gymnasium hall.   A very big, and very professional looking outfit for those who can see themselves beating the Chinese in the Olympics one day.   We went and had a look around the YMCA, and while it did look amazing, our goal for learning gymnastics was not to necessarily beat…

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    A More Balanced Life

    A number of months ago we decided to start going to church again after 10 years of not going.  We decided Calvary Christian Church would be our new home church. It probably sounds a little weird to call a church ‘home’, but Calvary isn’t new to me, and I feel that it has that homely, right place – feel to me.   I feel as though my life is more in balance when I go to church. Years ago, when I first moved to the Sunshine Coast, I started going to the church.  Back then, it was called Buderim Mountain Assembly.    I have a few friends still from that…

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    The Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane

    Over the Easter school holidays we took the kids down to Brisbane and visited the Gallery of Modern Art.   We really loved our little adventure and wished we got down to Brisbane sooner, as there was so much to see.  I think we only just touched the surface.  There really is something for everyone.   No one will walk away disappointed.  The effort to drive down to Brisbane was so worth it!  We definitely want to go again. Next time though we will make a day of it, and make time to explore Southbank and go on one of the red ferries that travels along the Brisbane River – One of my…

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    Just a Little Hygge

    Usually the start of Autumn brings that ‘sad, blah, it’s the end of Summer yuck feeling’ in the pit off my tummy, however, after an insanely intense hot summer, I don’t actually feel that sad about the new change of  season. In fact, I welcome Autumn.  At this moment,  I am looking forward to some cooler weather.  My only issue with Autumn come winter are the shorter days. Our Queensland winters aren’t really all that cold.  We might have the occasional day where we can’t get away with a t-shirt and jeans, but on the whole, we don’t have winters where we need a fireplace or central heating. This week, I…

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    Life Choice: Phase – Stay at Home Mum

    Have you ever had someone out of the blue ask you what your doing with your life? This week I had somebody ask me what I’m doing with my life?  I responded ‘Well, I am a mum of four and…’ and just as I was about to finish my sentence this person cut me off.   She seemed irritated by my half answer.  Suddenly I felt as though I was on the defence. This lady, who will remain nameless, growls “I know you are a mother, everything about you says ‘mother’, I want to know if ‘Sarah’ still lives in there?’.  She even used her quotation fingers!   I was stunned…

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    Raising Techy kids

    Technology has changed our world on so many levels. I can’t imagine our world now without laptops, iPads/tablets, iPods and smartPhones. I can’t imagine life without wifi….God forbid we still lived in a world with dial up internet,  or NO internet at all?!! I can’t imagine life without the many apps I use on a daily basis.  I don’t know about you, but these days I have a very happy codependent relationship with google – a relationship I have no desire to break off. Hubby is very tech savvy, and I love the world of blogging, wordpress, photography, and social media, so it’s very easy to understand why our kids…

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    How to Have a Merry Christmas – Keep it Simple!!!

      Its been weeks since I have written!   Not because I haven’t wanted to write, I have just had a lot on my plate.  Our lives have been rather hectic and chaotic over the last few weeks, actually the last couple of months,  I literally haven’t had a chance to write – although I must say that I have been giving ‘the next blog post’ some thought.   The next blog post is always on my mind!  🙂 The school year literally screeched to a halt on the 5th December, and I must admit that I had been feeling as though we were on an emotional roller coaster right…

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