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Just a Little Hygge

Usually the start of Autumn brings that ‘sad, blah, it’s the end of Summer yuck feeling’ in the pit off my tummy, however, after an insanely intense hot summer, I don’t actually feel that sad about the new change of  season. In fact, I welcome Autumn.  At this moment,  I am looking forward to some cooler weather.  My only issue with Autumn come winter are the shorter days.

Our Queensland winters aren’t really all that cold.  We might have the occasional day where we can’t get away with a t-shirt and jeans, but on the whole, we don’t have winters where we need a fireplace or central heating.

This week, I have noticed the start of some seasonal changes.   There is a still a heat sting in the air during the day, but the sun is coming up a little later.  The air is a little crisper in the mornings and I desire to stay cosy for a little bit longer.

One of my favourite things to do in the world is to get all cosy.  Whether its watching a movie or reading a book, I love getting comfy and simply chilling out.  I am a real stay at home kind of person.  There’s something wonderful about creating our homes to feel inviting, cosy, warm and happy.    Home is our sanctuary away from the world to relax, enjoy and recover from the busyness off life.   It doesn’t just happen, we have to create the environment we want to refuge too.

We all need to create our happy and peaceful place where you can wear something comfy, take your bra off, put on some socks to help the cosy feeling along, and do something for yourself that will help you wind down and throw away the stresses, like reading a book, listening to a podcast, crotcheting or just watching something relaxing on the box.

Until recently, I didn’t know there was a word that could encompass all of these attributes.

Recently I found out about a little word with a big meaning.   Its a Danish word known as ‘HYGGE’ (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’).   I had never heard of it before, and I have been really thinking about how I can make our home and life a little more ‘Hygge’ friendly.

There are quite a few ways to explain Hygge (pronounced ‘Hoo-gah),

Meik Wiking, Author of ‘The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets To Happy Living’, and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, says that ‘hygge’ has been called everything from ‘the art of creating intimacy’, to ‘cozyness of the soul’, and even, ‘cocoa by candlelight’.   He explains that ‘you know hygge when you feel it, but some of the key ingredients are togetherness, relaxation, indulgence, presence, and comfort.  The true essence of hygge is the pursuit of everyday happiness and it’s basically like a hug, without the physical touch’.  Basically, its something you create and do for yourself and only requires a small effort, time to not be in a hurry, and simply focus on the simple pleasures.  And the great thing is that practicing hygge doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune – hygge can most definitely be achieved on a shoestring budget’.

Wiking explains Hygge well through this example,  ‘For instance, let a good stew simmer for hours while you read a good book and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Also, keep it old-school—board games over computer games’.

I found that ‘Hygge’ even has a manifesto!   Meik Wiking encourages everyone pinning it to their fridge to remind them to practice a little hygge every day.  Its truly a self-loving experience we can all do for our selves.

Since hearing about Hygge, I have been making sure I do something for myself each day, and I must say that I am really enjoying the art of making myself a priority.  While I have never particularly loved to play board games, I am enjoying having time with the kids playing a game here and there.  ‘Uno’ is a family fave, along with ‘The Game of Life’ and ‘Rummikans’.   I have watched a few Barbie movies with Chanel, and while I can’t say I love Barbie movies, I do love how much my daughter loves them and how much she enjoys me watching with her.    Its about finding ways to be relaxed together as a family, and then also at different times inviting friends over for dinner.   Something I must say that I don’t do well at – at all – but have a plan to rectify asap.

I would love to hear what you do to relax at home?   I am guessing that some people might love to spend time in the garden,  bake or do some crafts.   I’d love to hear how you would make your home more ‘hygge’ friendly?


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