Stop that kid escaping…!!!


Well I did it.  I found the product of the year.  It has given me so much reassurance that my Jaden  – or should I say -‘my houdini’ can no longer get out of his belt.  The Houdini Stop is fantastic to stop children from getting out of carseats, prams, and high chairs, but it was particularly concerning that while I was driving -Jaden could get out of his belt and surf the carseat.   If your thinking he is clever – HE IS!  But up until I found this product I was experiencing every driving parents pet hate – the stop start journey.   Time and time again, Jaden was getting out of his belt and literally standing up in his seat – not sure if you realise how annoying this is to pull over and then start again, only to find that he has done it again.  My girls never did the act of houdini, so Jaden’s ability to climb out of his belt in a record timing of 13.4 seconds wasn’t just clever, but incredibly annoying and frustrating.http:  //




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