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    Hi there!

    I hope you are keeping well and enjoying a safe & happy new year!

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    As a big part of the parenting & pregnancy community, we, along with our bubz’N’mumz family, love all the advice & stories you share with us on Mischievous Mum!

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    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks & regards,
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  • simon

    Hello mischieviousmum,

    I hope that you are well?

    Firstly, I have to say that I love your brilliant Blog! : )

    Just as an introduction, I am an independent Behaviour and Education Specialist. As such, I am always looking to make new contacts, partnerships, and explore freelance contributor opportunities with like-minded people.

    To give you a bit more information, I have worked within education for over 22 years and have held a variety of different roles in the UK and overseas. I am a Qualified Teacher, Independent Trainer, Coach, Advisor and Consultant specializing in the following areas:

    Interpersonal and Social Thinking Skills, Behaviour Management, Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Communication Skills

    I have a small-scale blog – not any competition for yours – to share my experience, thoughts and ideas around behavior management and educational issues here: http://www.teachingwithabinonmyhead.com

    I am passionate about improving life chances for children and in developing positive families. Over the last year, I have developed a free app called Jigsaw. Jigsaw aims to provide a simple, free tool to encourage family engagement in positive activities. I would love for the app to be used by as many families as possible, and I am currently trying to spread the word far and wide.

    It would be brilliant if you felt that you could highlight the free availability of the Jigsaw app to your readers, and I have provided the links to the app in the iTunes and Google Play stores.



    I am happy to further discuss the app, behavior management, or any other things if you think it would be useful.

    Kind Regards,


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