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    Fun and Fit Kids

    For  some time now,  one of our daughters has wanted to do gymnastics.  Before our trampoline died she spent a lot of time teaching herself tricks on the trampoline.   Like every good mum out there I looked around for a place where she could go and learn and practice her skills.    In Caloundra we have the YMCA gymnasium hall.   A very big, and very professional looking outfit for those who can see themselves beating the Chinese in the Olympics one day.   We went and had a look around the YMCA, and while it did look amazing, our goal for learning gymnastics was not to necessarily beat…

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    Thank God its Friday, and making the most of where we live!

    I am a naughty mummy.  I am completely and disgracefully guity of…..taking for granted the beauty to which I live.  Right now I am sitting here at Gloria Jeans enjoying the outdoors, enjoying the view, watching the people wander by!  I wander how many of these strangers, in their different levels of attire live their lives here on the Coast, or are they visitors from other areas?  I wander how many live on the coast here, and how many take it for granted?  Like me? I actually feel bad that I don’t make it a priority to enjoy the Sunshine Coast as much as I possibly can – I even…

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    Jaden…the only boy child!

    Jaden is turning 20 months this month….on the 12th actually – which is Wednesday next week.   This child is amazingly cute, gorgeous and a whole lot of fun, but let me say that he has turned my world upside down and inside out.   Obviously he is a positive in my life, but he gets into absolutely everything.   My girls loved to colour pictures.  Jaden loves to colour walls, tables and floors.   My girls loved to play tea parties.  Jaden loves to pull all the plastics out of the cupboard and jump all over them.  Oh, and he pulls the toaster out and shakes it all over the kitchen.  The girls…

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