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    Winter Holidays 2019

    The first week of the school holidays has flown by so quickly. It’s been quite a cold week, but we have been a little busy. Our youngest (8) wanted to try his hand at martial arts, so we found a spot for him at the Matt Fiddes class in Caloundra. He has just done a trial class so far, and has another one to go, but right now, he is smitten with the idea that he could possibly be the next ‘The Karate Kid’. Hubby watched the first movie with him last week, and he thoroughly enjoyed the antics of Mr Miyagi teaching the young Daniel Larusso the art of…

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    Life, ey!

    Life, ey! Just when you think everything is travelling well…LIFE happens. Family Life is busy, messy, adventurous, fun, challenging, stressful, imperfect, loving and crazy. There is always a lot happening, a lot to juggle and a lot to make work – And with all this going on, parents have the responsibility of raising strong, resilient, kind, happy, and well adjusted kids into well adjusted, happy, kind, responsible adults. For many mums, our identity is wrapped up in our kids succeeding or failing in life. We feel as though we have done a great job when our kids do well, but when our kids struggle in life, it is so easy…

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    Holiday Ideas for Winter on the Coast

    I wish it was possible to travel back in time. I’d go back to 3.00pm on the 27th June.   The last day of school term for semester 1. I’d really like to start the holidays again! While we had fun times over the holidays, the second week was neither relaxing or fun. Especially for poor hubby, who had to have his wisdom teeth out – all four of them needed to be surgically removed, and the recovery time was especially tough.  Hubby was a good patient.  I am however not a good nurse.   I have the utmost respect for nurses and I must say that if it was up…

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    Back to School after a fun filled September Holidays

    I can’t believe two weeks has passed since I blogged last!  Its true – time does go faster when you’re having fun!! Life in our house over the school holiday period was very fast and very fun, and because holidays are all about quality time with the kids, I really wanted to be present – in mind and spirit with them.   So, knowing how easy it is for me to go into ‘the Mischievious Mum’ world of blogging, I decided to put blogging on the back burner for the school holidays. It was time to have fun with the kids! We looked at my last blog post ‘How to…

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    How to keep out of Mischief on the School Holidays!

    I am absolutely gobsmacked when I hear mums gripe about school holidays. I heard one mother at school ask why ‘they’ do it to us? As if schools are completely responsible for making holidays a negative or a painful experience for us parents.  Are school holidays really that traumatic for some parents? Everything in me wanted to answer this mother’s question of why, but I felt to stop myself. You see, I am a mum on the opposite side of the spectrum.  I love school holidays.  I love the adventure of planning our days, and working out how we can best spend our time.  I want the kids to have…

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    Parenting 101 according to Sarah

    Today is the first day of term 4, which means that it is the last term for the school year.  I so wish we were able to turn back time and re do the holidays.  I never feel ready to get back into the school routine…and I always feel that the holidays go far too quickly.    I am so not ready to get back into the school routine mode. Have I ever mentioned to you my love of the school holidays?   I think that we really need a third week.   That’s just my opinion, and I think its funny that I know many mums who will agree…

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