• 2020,  Taking Stock

    Taking Stock – September 2020

    I’m not sure about you, but I’m a bit stunned – it’s the end of September already! I love the month of September, mostly because it’s the start of Spring. Hope is in the air, and it kind of feels like a new day. Winter has gone away and there is a freshness in the air. The sky’s are blue and the sun is shining! Spring is my favourite time of the year! Making: A home that I enjoy living in. And so, I have been working on this by sorting out of our house hold. I have been pulling things out of cupboards – asking myself the famous ‘Does…

  • 2017,  Taking Stock

    Taking Stock – November 2017

    This month has been huge.  I know I say it every month, but I find it crazy that we are in late November already.  While it has been a massive year, and I feel the wear and tear of a challenging year, I cannot believe we are in November.  Another year has literally flown by. Cooking: Due to feeling over committed, I stuck to my old family favourites this month.   I must say though that Christmas is coming, and my favourite Donna Hay Christmas recipe book is calling out to me “Pick me up! Pick me up!”   My reply, “I’m coming, I’m coming!!” Drinking : Soda water and…

  • 2017,  Taking Stock

    Taking Stock – January 2017

    What has happened to this month? Just three days ago, it was exactly one month since we celebrated Christmas, and here we are now a month on, and back to the school routine.   I would LOVE the ability to turn back time – I really want the holidays back! Its the end of January and so I thought I would do my end of the month ‘Taking Stock’ post. So here goes…. Making: Lists.  I have lots of lists on the go….school, shopping, things we want to do, meal ideas, movies we want to watch, things to do before January ends, goals for 2017,  our budget, and a list of jobs…

  • Taking Stock,  Things to do

    Taking Stock – November 2016!

    Have you ever wanted to take stock of your life in a simple manner….I was recently introduced to this idea, so here goes!  🙂 Here’s my list… Making :  A list of ingredients to go buy for some Christmas baking. Cooking : Spaghetti Bol with home made pasta. Drinking : Soda water and lemon. Reading:   Happier with Gretchen Rubin (again), The Subtle art of giving a (swearword), Magnolia Wanting:   A Family Caravan Looking:   forward to watching Christmas movies and putting up the Christmas tree with our family. Playing:   Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog with the kids. Deciding:  How to best help our youngest learn sight…

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