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Fun and Fit Kids

For  some time now,  one of our daughters has wanted to do gymnastics.  Before our trampoline died she spent a lot of time teaching herself tricks on the trampoline.   Like every good mum out there I looked around for a place where she could go and learn and practice her skills.   

In Caloundra we have the YMCA gymnasium hall.   A very big, and very professional looking outfit for those who can see themselves beating the Chinese in the Olympics one day.   We went and had a look around the YMCA, and while it did look amazing, our goal for learning gymnastics was not to necessarily beat the Chinese at the Olympics, but to have some fun in an environment where the teachers could teach in a non threatening environment.   

So the search for a fun, low key, professional, but non threatening environment began.   It’s funny how when you decide exactly what you want or need, something seems to happen.   We found our answer in Fit Kids, and it is exactly what we were after, and so well priced.   It’s the perfect fit.  It’s a loving environment where the kids can learn to do all the tricks they want in a safe environment.   If they are really keen, there is an opportunity for them to do competitions, but for now we are happy turning up for classes.

I also love that they offer a homeschooling session twice a week, so for $20 per child, including insurance, we can come as many times as we want in the week. The kids love it, and I have something I can use as an incentive to wave in front of them when they ‘can’t be bothered’ to get their school work done.  No school work, no Fit Kids!  

The side benefit of doing the homeschooling sessions is that they are completely energised from the activities and I am finding I get a lot more out of them.  The lesson goes for a full hour and I am trying to use the time to either read,  meal plan, write up our shopping lists, or write down all those things that are on my mind.   By the end of the hour, I find I feel as though I have accomplished something either for me personally, or something I have been trying to get done all week.

Kids need activity and while yes there is at least 100 things at home waiting for me to do, I am using this waiting time to my benefit.  It’s nice to have a breather before I get home and need to get housework and jobs done.  I also get to see my two kidlets having fun doing something they truly enjoy doing.


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