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    Know your Why?

    Knowing why we do life the way we do it, is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. As someone who tries to simplify my life on a regular basis, I find that I often ask myself the why question.  Many days I ask myself ‘What  am I doing!?’  Sometimes daily, sometimes multiple times a day!! To find that inner calm in our daily walk, we need to figure out how best to live our lives simply.   This is an ongoing process or adventure for me. What I know to be true is this.   Good advice is not helpful when you don’t know what your…

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    Living Life Passionately

    It’s funny how the topic of death makes you think a lot about life.  Well, I find it at least ‘interesting’.  When a family member or friend dies, I find I go through a time of deep self-analysis.  I think most people do!   I find myself thinking about what I believe. I also think about what my life looks like right now, what’s important to me, and what changes I would like to make?  Often, what do I want to be remembered for?  None of us know when we are going to die, or how we are going to die!   God knows, of course,  but we aren’t privileged…

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    The Cliffhangers in Life

    Three years ago we got a call. A call that we were far from ready to receive, but the phone rang anyway and our lives were about to change forever. The call was to tell us that dad had collapsed and that it didn’t look good. We hurriedly threw what we thought to be necessities in a bag and drove down to Stanthorpe.  It is usually a very long drive at the best of times, but that day the drive seemed much longer. As we reached Warrick the phone rang again.  This time it was my brother letting me know that dad had passed.   I had missed the opportunity…

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    Recently the Sunrise Weekend show on channel 7 shared James K Flannigan’s letter to his grandchildren.   Mr Flannigan’s letter really enriched my life and is very special – so I wanted to share it with my readers.   As 2012 comes to a close, and 2013 begins, I felt it appropriate to share.  I hope that this letter enriches your lives as it has mine.     Happy New Year to all my readers.    I sincerely hope that you have a fantastic 2013. On Sept. 3, 2012, James K. Flanagan of West Long Branch, N.J., died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He wrote this letter to his five…

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    Arm yourself with knowledge

     There is a process to getting your head around losing weight. I know I have mentioned this subject before on my blog, but I have come to realise that one needs to get absolutely sick of themselves before they do anything about the situation that they are in.    Passion drives a person, and motivation keeps the wheels moving, and if I am completely honest with myself, I have been looking for the easy way out!.  No! its true! Why do I want to lose weight?   Well thats easy, I want to feel good and wear nice clothes. I also think that people feel that they can be successful…

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