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Wanting the Van Life

Something has happened to me over the last few years……the long and the short of my story is that I would love to sell up and live the van life. I know that technically we aren’t ready as a family to do that. I think the kids would malfunction in a van, 6 sardines in a van really would not work very well, so its probably not a dream that can even be considered till the kids are off doing their own thing. Nonetheless, I am very much addicted to seeing what is available on Facebook marketplace. I am interested in a Mercedes sprinter van or a cute little boho type of caravan for 2 or 3.

To me, the van life means freedom. Freedom from a mortgage and all those things that hold you back from living the life we would like to live. The freedom to move where ever you want, when ever you want, for as long as you want. I started becoming interested in the idea of a van life a few years ago when I started watching YouTube channel, ‘Trent and Allie’. This was around 2019, before the plandemic. They lived in their sprinter van, and travelled around America with their two dogs. In 2020 before covid was a thing, they had travelled down over the border into Argentina. Their goal was to see as much as South America as they could before heading home to Utah, but this was not to be. Instead, they were forced to hide their van in a safe place, clean it out of anything important, and catch a plane back into the United States. Their YouTube channel has changed dramatically over the years since, but that happens when new seasons come and go, babies are born, and changes need to happen. I do hope that Trent and Allie find their way back to van life with their little ones, even if it is just short little holidays.

I found their van life exciting, I loved watching their adventures, their coastal sunrises and sunsets, and their adventures really sparked a van life interest in me. I am pretty sure my fascination with the idea of having a van life started with Trent and Allie.

I have also found other YouTube channels along the way, but the reality is that we need to enjoy the life we have now. Living the van life for us can only work once the kids are grown. It is a shame we didn’t do it when the kids were younger, but it would have still been like shoving sardines into a box. I in particular are one of those parents who wouldn’t be able to leave the kids and go travelling if the kids aren’t ready for us to go for it. For now, we are here, we hope some of our other dreams might come to fruition first, but we will have to wait and see. It’s expensive having a family, and learning patience can be difficult at times, but we don’t really have a choice. We have to to get comfortable with the idea of waiting, and working towards our goals. As long as we are working towards the goals, it feels like anything is possible.
Looking forward to Van Life one day – even if its not full time van life, that will be okay with me!

Anyway, better go make dinner, reality calls!!!

Till next time,

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