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My Only Political Piece

We are heading to the polls!

PM Scott Morrison is in the fight of his Prime Ministership, and the alternative is unthinkable. If Labor become the elected government come Saturday the 18th of May, we are going to have a very different Australia. Labor and the greens are not a good combination and will attempt to destroy our country with practically every single one of their policies. Policies should benefit the majority of Australians not just a select few. Just saying!

I can honestly say that I have never been so excited for an election!

Putting it plainly, this election is about voting for Life, Morals, and Values!

PM Scott Morrison’s doing a pretty good job so far, considering he was catapulted into the Prime minister position when dirty Malcolm Turnbull left the Liberal party. As my 8 year old says, ‘being the big cheese is a really hard job!’.

Scott Morrison has worked tirelessly since he became Prime Minister to change the stigma that became the liberal party when the rotten Malcolm Turnbull was in power.

Over the last few years I feel I have woken up to what’s happening in our Australian politics, and I have realised that our media is not what it seems on the surface. Truth seems to shape shift depending on who is telling the news. It is filtered through the opinions of opinionated journalists and so called comedians pretending to be journalists. If you want the truth, you need to actually look for it. The truth is attainable if you do some digging.

Some of our politicians are pushing us towards a globalist One World Government, which we actually don’t want. Ultimately, A one world government lead by the U.N. Is definitely not what we want. We need Australia to be strong and independent, but if we vote labor on the 18th we are going to be handing the reigns over to Bill Shorten and his muppets. A Shorten government means overspending, higher and more taxes, increasing immigration, open borders, further hurting farmers and killing our coal industry, not to mention making it easier for people to Abort their babies and Euthanise the elderly or anyone who is unwell. The labor/greens governments are not on our side and should be avoided at all cost.

We need to vote for a party who has an interest in protecting children – before birth as well as post birth, families, looking after our farmers and coal industry, and protect the constitution of Australia. Some argue that the liberal/National coalition aren’t any better, but I would like to put it out there that we have to look at the better choice. We have a two party system in Australia, and we have to choose the better party out of the two. In this case the Coalition is definitely the better choice. PM Scott Morrison might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but compared to Bill Shorten, Scott Morrison is the better choice.

Every single person who votes on the 18th May has a responsibility to know exactly who and what they are voting for. It’s time to pull ourselves together and wake up to what each party stands for.

We need more good people in politics!

I don’t personally care about numbers of men and women in political parties. We need to care about who the person/people are, what they stand for, and what are their policies are. It’s about the character of people.

There are a lot of women in parliament at the moment who don’t speak for me, or my friends. Actually, I don’t think they speak at all for the majority of women in Australia. They have their own agenda and they are determined to service a certain kind of woman, but not all women.

If you look at the Labor party, it is made up of a lot of women, but Labor only have a few good women in politics, all but 5 of the women in the labor party are being financially funded by a pro-abortion organisation called www.Emilyslist.org.au. Emilyslist is a global pro abortion group who fund women into politics to push the abortion agenda.

Since I HATE the concept of premature killing (murder) – Abortion and euthanasia, are the two main reasons why I believe voting for Labor is the worst idea in the world. There are a multitude of other good reasons to not vote for them as well, but the life, morals and values issue regarding Abortion and Euthanasia is a huge one for me. Any politician who would make out that Abortion is about womens health issue is not on the same planet or team as women.

I realise that in voting we need to look at all the policies of each party and weigh up positives and negatives. I personally feel the abortion and euthanasia issues are huge. I personally take issue with any government who promotes abortion and euthanasia . Abortion and Euthanasia are not health care and should not be spoken about in the same terms. I am not hiding away from being Prolife conservative, I am also compassionate towards people’s issues and points of view.

Many people say that they don’t like the idea of voting for either party. The great thing about independents is that while they have preferences (as long as they preference the coalition), independents can have a lot of sway in parliament.

One of the reasons I am excited about this election is that a good friend of ours is running for senate. The senate sheet is usually the long white one where you have choices above the line and below the line. It’s said that 93% of people vote above the line, so its great if you know who the candidates are.

Our friend is Tony Moore. He is running as an independent and I am praying my little heart out that he gets into the senate. He is a bit of a dynamite and I am expecting the senate to be an interesting place when he gets in. On the while ballot sheet, look for COLUMN X….This is Tony Moores column. Make sure he is in your top 2!

Tony Moore and his family are really good friends of ours, so it is very exciting to not just know somebody running in an election, but to know them personally, that is, know what they stand for, see how they live their lives, and hear them communicate their thoughts and values with such passion, integrity and humility – Tony will be a great senator when he gets in! He has been working towards this moment for a long time, and has pushed forward in his education with multiple degrees, and lets just say its easy to see that his interest and understanding of public policy is far above anyone we have ever known.

Tony will be a great Senator for the people of Queensland, so if you are interested in knowing more about him, please feel free to check out his website.


Tony is a good guy. He’s down to earth and relational. We need good guys in parliament. We need good guys like Tony who have studied public policy and understands the ins and outs of what it means to be a good representative for the people. We need good guys in parliament who are strong in character, and not easily swayed. We need good guys in parliament who are there for the right reasons; and believe me when I say that I only vouch for people I believe in. I only go out on a limb for people who I feel have integrity and are of good character.

I am so excited to see Tony in action.

If you are undecided as to how you will vote, but want to know more about who will represent you in the Senate, please check out Tony’s website (www.tonymoore4senate.com), get to know his policies, and know that if you vote for him, he will be a good representative for the majority of the people in Queensland – and that is what we want from our Politicians!

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