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    Holiday Ideas for Winter on the Coast

    I wish it was possible to travel back in time. I’d go back to 3.00pm on the 27th June.   The last day of school term for semester 1. I’d really like to start the holidays again! While we had fun times over the holidays, the second week was neither relaxing or fun. Especially for poor hubby, who had to have his wisdom teeth out – all four of them needed to be surgically removed, and the recovery time was especially tough.  Hubby was a good patient.  I am however not a good nurse.   I have the utmost respect for nurses and I must say that if it was up…

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    Parenting. What Parenting?

    For years, I have seen the Wicked camper vans on the Sunshine Coast, and I must admit that I have been quite appalled by many a disgusting and crude slogan.  They are often racist and incredibly offensive.  I have often thought about the idea that ‘somebody’ should do something about them, but life would get busy and then all of a sudden I would see another van and again be reminded of how disgraceful these vans were , but also think to myself how ‘somebody’ should stop this company in their tracks. Last week, a mother who had had enough stood up to be counted.   I would love to…

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    Define your Mountain – is it a Physical or Metaphoric Mountain?

    To reach any mountain top, one must climb. This post is not about a literal mountain climb, we all know that a physical mountain is of course possible to climb, and the reward for any mountain climb is the magnificent view from the top.  The view from the top is breathtaking and spectacular. A person who achieves their mountain top can feel overwhelmed, excited to have achieved their goal, and may feel both encouraged and motivated to achieve other life goals along their journey. Thousands of people climb physical mountains, but we all climb metaphoric mountains in one way or another.  There is a similarity between a metaphoric journey and…

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    How to Have a Merry Christmas – Keep it Simple!!!

      Its been weeks since I have written!   Not because I haven’t wanted to write, I have just had a lot on my plate.  Our lives have been rather hectic and chaotic over the last few weeks, actually the last couple of months,  I literally haven’t had a chance to write – although I must say that I have been giving ‘the next blog post’ some thought.   The next blog post is always on my mind!  🙂 The school year literally screeched to a halt on the 5th December, and I must admit that I had been feeling as though we were on an emotional roller coaster right…

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    How to find your inner Kardashian – I mean confidence!

    These days, most people know exactly who the Kardashian family is! For those who don’t know, the Kardashian’s are a large, very confident and very self assured family who live in America – who happen to have their own reality show called none other than ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians!’ This blog post really isn’t about the Kardashians as such – it is more about finding your inner confidence.   The Kardashian’s are very comfortable with who they are, and what they are all about.   It seems that each member of the Kardashian family have confidence that could be measured in buckets, actually no – lets just call them…

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