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Oops! My 2023 Goals were Drafted

Every year I like to do a list of goals for myself, and I will admit that I did do them for this year, but unfortunately for whatever reason, I didn’t press the word ‘publish’ when I finished the post. Instead, I must have saved the draft and hoped I would come back to the post for a final look before I published the post.

Well, this is the post. I have edited the post in some ways, but I have left the actual ’23 for 2023′ items alone. I really wish I had of posted this one back in January, but it didn’t happen, but we just have to accept and move forward. I wanted to make sure I listed things that I felt I could actually accomplish. So many times I have listed things on my goal lists that I find I never reach on for a variety of reasons.

Anyway, here are my 23 for 2023!!

  1. Write Daily
  2. Blog weekly
  3. start every morning reading the bible
  4. I want to focus this year on healthy eating
  5. Totally declutter my home
  6. Take down the Christmas tree
  7. Be hospitable for family and friends
  8. invite the kids friends over for movie nights/hangouts
  9. Hang out at the beach more often
  10. Read 2 books per month
  11. Organise coffee dates with friends
  12. Schedule spontaneous fun with the kids – monthly
  13. organise date night at least 2 times a month
  14. Write a one sentence journal daily
  15. Update my phone
  16. Buy a new car for both Dion and myself!!
  17. Become a better cook
  18. Replace the back fence
  19. Plan and take family holidays/weekends away
  20. Take down the Christmas tree
  21. Swim more often – obviously a Summer plan!
  22. Help Bethy get her P plates
  23. Help Chanel get her L plates

I know we are in November, but it’s not time to talk about how I have done with this years goal list. It’s been an interesting years on so many levels.

Till next time,

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