Donna Hay Kids Magazine

As the chief bottle washer and chef in this household I find it very difficult to find recipes that the kids will like.   I can’t always guarantee which kid will hate what I have cooked.  I just know that one of them will protest at dinner time as to what they are about to eat.  Very frustrating as you can imagine when your the one who searches for different things to eat that also appeal to Dion and myself.    A family cannot live on Taco’s or Nacho’s (The two meals that all of my kids will eat)

As we venture into the land of wholesome and fresh food, and happy lifestyle, we need to get ourselves into the framework that good food is good, and bad food – well its just bad for you.  ‘

The Donna Hay Kids Magazine is brilliant.   I have often told the kids (I know its lying), but they love the Donna Hay magazine, that the recipe is in the Donna Hay Kids mag and before I know it they are eating it.   Chanel sometimes says that she thinks Donna has lost the plot but the others don’t say anything, so up till now I think I have gotten away with it.

Donna Hay’s kids magazine is primarily about getting kids to eat quality food, but it is also about making food more kid friendly so it appeals to them.   The magazine always does a special on birthday parties and adds some glam to it all.     My middle child Bethy (8) loves the idea of one day being a chef so she loves to get comfortable and curl up wth the magazine.    There is always at least 10 things in the magazine that takes her fancy.

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