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    Hello October

    Well it certainly has been a while, hasn’t it? I have literally had a terrible bout of writers block this year, and between homeschooling, decluttering, colds and flues, a friends wedding, a family member dying, a family catch up or two, Church, Social events, our women’s conference at Church, school workshops, Tafe, driving lessons with our eldest teen, and running the kids to all their ventures, I have finally found my way back to my trusty keyboard. I have missed you my friend. We have a few things to catch up on. I personally find it ironic, the more I try to live intentionally and simply, the more chaotic my…

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    How to Bring out your Inner Goddess!

    As a Stay at Home Mum of four children, I decided a few months ago that I needed to go on a journey to find ‘Sarah’ again.   The young youthful Sarah, I remember was a very different person to who I am now.  I remember her to be a lot more fun and spontaneous than she is now.  She used to spontaneously go and have hot chocolates (I am not a coffee or tea drinker) and play pool at the Twin Waters Resort with friends on a Friday or Saturday evening.    The young Sarah tried to learn how to surf (failed miserably – but it was fun trying)…

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    Parenting 101 according to Sarah

    Today is the first day of term 4, which means that it is the last term for the school year.  I so wish we were able to turn back time and re do the holidays.  I never feel ready to get back into the school routine…and I always feel that the holidays go far too quickly.    I am so not ready to get back into the school routine mode. Have I ever mentioned to you my love of the school holidays?   I think that we really need a third week.   That’s just my opinion, and I think its funny that I know many mums who will agree…

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    What’s going on inside you?

    Isn’t it funny, some of the conversations that come up when chatting with your kids?  Just the other day, we were just all chatting about life and what we liked and somehow I was able to throw in the comment that inside of me is a very fit, babe-alicious, fashionable, fun yummy mummy – screaming to be let out!   Something I am absolutely not feeling at the moment…but there it was on the table.   There was silence for a minute – girls deep in thought, when my youngest little girl Chanel (6) says, ‘well inside of me is a very rich and talented fashion designer…..who really wants to…

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    Friday, your on my mind!

    This is a short post due to the fact that life is happening in a very fast manner. Its Thursday afternoon and I need to make sure that the kids have completed their homework contracts for the week and that Amy, our eldest, needs to have her project done which is to go to school completed with her tomorrow. It seems that I am co-ordinating this project!  I am trying to get Ames to think outside the box and come up with some of her own ways to present her poster on Meagen Nay.    Our printer has decided to play up and so I need to email the information…

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    Putting a price on Fun!

    A couple of weeks ago to buy the Myfun – Seaworld, Movieworld and Wet’n Wild tickets for the family. We haven’t done anything like that before, but we discovered yesterday that if you want to buy tickets at the gate (Movie World),  you will be paying the hefty price of $79.95 for an adult for one day at the theme park, and $49.95 for children and concession tickets.    Because of the cost involved for a large-ish family it made sense for us to buy the VIP MyFun Tickets – Myfun.com.au. We went to Movie world today and I learned a couple of things.   I learned that Amy is…

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    Toy Challenge for the toy challenged Public Hospitals of Australia

    With our eldest daughter needing to stay at the Children’s ward at both Nambour Hospital and also the Royal Children’s hospital in Brisbane we have become quite accustomed to the boredom that comes with staying in hospital.    While we have been treated very well, at both Nambour and Brisbane,  the Royal Children’s hospital offers more options for the children.   If the children are of school age, patients and siblings are welcome to use the school on site.   If children are well enough for school, but unable to attend the school teachers roam the hallways of the wards.   The Wonder Factory is open outside school hours and…

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