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    Day 2 September Photo Challenge

    Today we christened the brand new ‘Muffin Break’ at our local shopping centre.     It was a great opportunity to have a mini date with Chanel.   She’s a very smart chook with a beautiful smile.   I need to have more time with each of the kids individually,   they really open up and share their hearts when you have that one on one time. Today Chanel spoke about her dream of owning a hairdressing Salon called ‘Chanel’s hair and Beauty’, and she’s going to get some coffee cups that have her name on them to offer her clients when they come to her salon.    I don’t…

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    Fashionably Chanel

    Let’s meet Chanel. Over the last week or two,  I have been talking on facebook about my youngest daughter Chanel.   She’s our fashion conscious style guru here at home.   She has an eye for detail and a love of all that relates to fashion – clothing, hair, make up – oh and accessories!   You should see her looming! Last weekend we went down to Brisbane to celebrate three birthdays, and our Chanel was one of the guests of honour.   You can only imagine how excited she was to be ‘a guest of honour’ – and as you can imagine her thoughts were on what she was going…

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    The Tooth Fairy ran out of Money

    Last week our Tooth Fairy ran out of money.   All she had in her pretty little purse was 65 cents and she really did not feel this was enough for our little Chanel. That evening, I had taken the girls and a couple of their friends from school to the local skating rink for cheap Tuesday Skating.  Chanel bumped into another learner skater and further loosened her already wobbly top front tooth.   While Chanel was not hurt, she was now able to wobble it much more than what she could do previously….and believe me, every time she wobbled it – my tummy turned.  I can not look at…

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    The Universe Says NO!

    The sun….the same sun that usually lights up the Sunshine Coast, is missing in action.   Its dreary, rainy and quite miserable outside.   Not sure who names a cyclone, Oswald, but this Oswald character has and is causing havoc on the Queensland Coastline. Chanel is six and does not like school.  She would much prefer to be home playing or going on ‘excursions’ as she puts it.  I am unsure as to where she heard the terminology, but her fabulous comment this weekend is ‘The Universe must hate that school is starting back on Tuesday!’.  ‘Ozziewuld’, as she calls Oswald ‘obviously hates that we are going back to school –…

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    Madonna eat your heart out – the girls got style

    This child is a fashionista!   Her name happens to be Chanel and lets just say that she has some style.   From an early age – 2, Chanel has wanted to dress herself .   Often dismissing the perfect and practical outfit that I set out for her, for a much fancier dress or skirt and shirt combination.  If it was cold she would add a pair of leg ins to the mix and walk out the door with a bracelet, necklace, sandals, a shoulder bag and sunglasses.  Many times the tiara would be placed elegantly upon her head. This child is all about looking good.   She is…

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    What’s going on inside you?

    Isn’t it funny, some of the conversations that come up when chatting with your kids?  Just the other day, we were just all chatting about life and what we liked and somehow I was able to throw in the comment that inside of me is a very fit, babe-alicious, fashionable, fun yummy mummy – screaming to be let out!   Something I am absolutely not feeling at the moment…but there it was on the table.   There was silence for a minute – girls deep in thought, when my youngest little girl Chanel (6) says, ‘well inside of me is a very rich and talented fashion designer…..who really wants to…

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