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    Reporting, Homeschooling and Holidays

    This week is the week of the semester that I look forward to the least. Reporting week! Our teacher came on Tuesday to do reporting with us.   I like our teacher, but I really don’t like the reporting process.    I wanted to feel ready, and in control, but this time, I did not.   We have worked hard this semester, but it’s also been a very full on few months.  I feel that the best picture I can give you is of me, pushing two very large elephants up a very long and rocky steep ascented  hill.  A hill where I have tripped and dropped said elephants, and…

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    Its Time for Self Care

    Self Care is an interesting coin of phrase. I like it, but self care is foreign or at least a struggle for many mums who feel time poor and or financially limited.  Most mums put their heart, soul, time and money into their family and for many, there isn’t a lot left over  at the end of the fortnight.   I, like hundreds and thousands of women around the globe struggle with taking time out to care for myself. There is always something to do, and someone is always asking something of us.   Self Care?  What even is that?  “In a general sense, self-care refers to activities undertaken with…

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    The Interview

    Well, it turns out that I was a little naive to think I actually had a chance to get that job I was telling you about in the last blog post.  It turns out that getting a job after being a stay at home mum for the last 16 odd years is going to be a bit trickier than I expected.     I think I thought because I got an interview – I had a chance!   Well, I was very much mistaken. I may have gotten an interview, but so did 1499 other people!   I think a blanket email went out to everyone who applied for a job…

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    Listen up!

    I have been listening to lots of new podcasts of late.   I get really sick of the television.   I get sick of the ads, not to mention the content of most shows are pretty lack lustre. I much prefer to spend time either reading, or listening to a podcast.  I have become quite intentional with my time.  I get frustrated when I waste time watching a show or spending to much time on social media.  I have become aware of how quick time flys by, and I really don’t want to waste time on things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of what we are doing and…

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    The Art of Self Care

    Over the last couple of months I have been hearing many voices around me refer to the idea or concept of self care.    I obviously love the idea of self care and I have many images of what Self Care looks like to me run through my mind when the phrase is mentioned, but I really struggle to actually take time out for myself.   I am quickly learning that I need to take time out to refresh my soul.  I am a much better person for it – when I actually do it! I can imagine myself climbing into a beautiful bath with bubbles, a glass of white…

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    Fun and Fit Kids

    For  some time now,  one of our daughters has wanted to do gymnastics.  Before our trampoline died she spent a lot of time teaching herself tricks on the trampoline.   Like every good mum out there I looked around for a place where she could go and learn and practice her skills.    In Caloundra we have the YMCA gymnasium hall.   A very big, and very professional looking outfit for those who can see themselves beating the Chinese in the Olympics one day.   We went and had a look around the YMCA, and while it did look amazing, our goal for learning gymnastics was not to necessarily beat…

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    Finding that Life Harmony!

    One thing I really like to do is read about how other people in other countries in the world live their lives. For instance, in Denmark, they regularly practice a custom they call hygge (hoo-gah).   If you are wondering what this is, it simply means ‘getting cosy’.  Essentially hygge is about creating a sensory pleasing space in our homes that help us relax.  The Danes make a daily decision to look after themselves, de-stress, and get comfortable or cosy.   Imagine coming home after a day at work, putting on something a little more comfortable, flicking on some music, lighting a candle, pouring a glass of wine, making a…

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    Art is Fun

    Today we started the day with our art course.   It is an art course I bought via Udemy.com a couple of weeks ago in the Udemy sales.  I hear there are more sales on the site at the moment.  It takes the learner through a step by step process.   It really is an incredible course. My kids are far too hard and critical of themselves.   I am not sure how many times I reminded them that the guy doing the course has been an artist for many years, this is the first time they (my kids) are doing this course.  You can’t expect to be Picasso on…

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