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    Soul Searching January

    What an amazing first month of the year! 2018 has gotten off to a great start! The end of the holidays are closing in on us sadly.  These holidays have been a wonderful time for our family.   We have spent quality time together and this in itself has been what I call, priceless!!  Time together is what we needed. Family time + Quality time = Closeness, and the opportunity to do some soul searching! Soul searching gives us an opportunity to assess our lives, make some new decisions, come to terms and make peace with what or who we have lost (specifically people who have left our lives), and…

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    Are you Happy?

    Last night a friend of mine and I attended the screening for the Happy Movie.  A documentary type movie about what actually makes people happy.  It was quite an amazing and interesting journey from the psychology and physiology of happiness, to the environment in which we live, the people around us, our personal and professional successes, to the culture that we live in.   There are so many components to what makes us happy. The question of happiness and what makes us happy is a complex and somewhat personal question. The Happy Movie was initiated by a director/producer in the United States – Tom Shadyac (who produced Patch Adams, the…

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    Its International Day of Happiness!!!

    Are you happy? Today is all about being happy – Its the official International Day of Happiness. I personally believe that happiness is a choice.   If we allow our circumstances to dictate whether or not we are happy, there are going to be ‘some’ who will live their whole life as a sad sack of potatoes. I personally have an issue with that mindset! Obviously there are times in our lives where circumstances do weigh into how we feel.   A passing of a family member or a friend, or a loved one leaves and lives in another country, a business deal going sour, maybe our dreams haven’t come…

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    Thank God Puberty Blues is almost over!

    I am a mum of three daughters…one of them is just over 3 years off being a teenager. So when I heard that Michelle Mitchell, who is the sister of a friend from school, wrote a book called ‘What Teenage Girls Don’t Tell their Parents’, I shuddered at the thought that my baby girl, was going to become secretive and not tell me her most inner thoughts and plans, when she hit the teenage years. And then the show ‘Puberty Blues’ started. The ads were very explicit about the issue of teen girls, lying, sex, and basically being a royal ratbag. I was very quick to find myself changing the…

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    What is love…?

    Thank you Pinterest! I’ve been thinking about how to word this blog post as I am not actually speaking about anyone in particular.  So don’t go getting your knickers in a knot, or your noses out of joint!    I  have just simply been thinking about the idea that ‘Love’ is directly related to the word ‘kindness’ and ‘ACTION!’   How can someone say that they love you…but treat you as though your not necessary! Does this mean that the word ‘Love’ has strings attached to it.  Well yes,  I believe that Love does have strings!  The strings are  called relationship.   Not necessarily an intimate relationship, but lets say…

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    What’s going on inside you?

    Isn’t it funny, some of the conversations that come up when chatting with your kids?  Just the other day, we were just all chatting about life and what we liked and somehow I was able to throw in the comment that inside of me is a very fit, babe-alicious, fashionable, fun yummy mummy – screaming to be let out!   Something I am absolutely not feeling at the moment…but there it was on the table.   There was silence for a minute – girls deep in thought, when my youngest little girl Chanel (6) says, ‘well inside of me is a very rich and talented fashion designer…..who really wants to…

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