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    Isolating At Home Holiday Ideas

    Hello! Hope you’re doing well!? I was starting to feel the effects of the negative media chatter this week so I decided to drastically cut back on our ‘News’ intake. Almost instantly I started to feel calmer in myself. Limiting the noise is good for the soul. We now check on the news in the evening, and then get on with whatever we want to do after that. I miss the freedoms we had prior to what I like to call, ‘The global corona shutdown!’. I just want people to do the right thing, and do what we have been asked to do so this whole Corona Virus thing can…

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    Keep it Simple 2018

    Hello January!!! I must say that I am very happy that 2017 has gone.   The new year is very welcome. The line has been drawn in the sand.   The old has gone and the new is here.   It is time to move forward and not look backwards. One of my favourite podcast series is called,  ‘Happier with Gretchen Rubin’.  A podcast that talks about intentionally adding happiness into our lives.   Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth Craft, are now up too episode 150, and over the last few episodes have been talking about creating a ‘18 for 2018’ list of things you want to do, achieve, or…

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    Just a Little Hygge

    Usually the start of Autumn brings that ‘sad, blah, it’s the end of Summer yuck feeling’ in the pit off my tummy, however, after an insanely intense hot summer, I don’t actually feel that sad about the new change of  season. In fact, I welcome Autumn.  At this moment,  I am looking forward to some cooler weather.  My only issue with Autumn come winter are the shorter days. Our Queensland winters aren’t really all that cold.  We might have the occasional day where we can’t get away with a t-shirt and jeans, but on the whole, we don’t have winters where we need a fireplace or central heating. This week, I…

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    Taking Stock – November 2016!

    Have you ever wanted to take stock of your life in a simple manner….I was recently introduced to this idea, so here goes!  🙂 Here’s my list… Making :  A list of ingredients to go buy for some Christmas baking. Cooking : Spaghetti Bol with home made pasta. Drinking : Soda water and lemon. Reading:   Happier with Gretchen Rubin (again), The Subtle art of giving a (swearword), Magnolia Wanting:   A Family Caravan Looking:   forward to watching Christmas movies and putting up the Christmas tree with our family. Playing:   Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog with the kids. Deciding:  How to best help our youngest learn sight…

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    Happiness, Habits and Hobbies

    Recently, I listened to one of my many favourite podcasts ‘Straight and Curly’ with kelly Exeter and Carly Jacobs, who were talking about how important it is to have hobbies.   At the time I was quick to react with some quick ‘I don’t have time for any hobbies!’ type of remark. And then I had a moment of feeling blue, until it suddenly occurred to me that I do in fact have hobbies! I enjoy writing on my blog and taking photos.  I also love to read, listen to podcasts and watch movies.   I like to go walking on the beach, making sandcastles with the kids, garage sales and…

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    Become a Tourist in your own City!

    The school holidays are here and I don’t think I have to remind you all that I am ‘one of those mums‘. I am a mother who loves the school holidays.  I count the days down to the holidays and I put off thinking about going back to school till I absolutely have too.  Not because I dislike homeschooling, I just want to enjoy every moment of the holidays we can finding the balance between relaxing and adventuring together. Sure we could jump in the car and head up to Aussie World or the Australia Zoo, and there is nothing wrong with those options, but the cost of entry for a…

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    Mischievious Mum’s Favourite Things 2015

    Do you remember the Oprah show?   I have to admit I miss the Oprah show, particularly the give away shows. The Extravagant “Oprah’s Favourite things’ shows.  I loved seeing Oprah give away luxurious gifts to her shocked and very excited crowds.  Remember the holiday to Australia for all those American teachers, and the time she presented everyone with a new car? Each year, Oprah puts together a list of things that she calls ‘Oprah’s Favourite Things’, and of course this year is no different.  I’m not sure how she goes about giving it all away these days, but I know she can still put together a fabulous ‘favourites list’. Now,  I must remind…

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    The Last Term of the year

    This year is flying by so fast! I can’t believe the September school holidays are over.  They seemed to fly by far too quickly. Term 4 started on Tuesday, and Amy who is in year 6 bought home an assignment criteria sheet for her next piece of assessment.    I had hoped that we could slide through the first week of school without homework or assignments – but no such luck. Denial is not an easy place to live for a mum.  I could pretend we were still on holidays, but I am choosing to embrace what comes at us with poise and grace, after all, the Christmas holidays aren’t too far…

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