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Happiness, Habits and Hobbies


Recently, I listened to one of my many favourite podcasts ‘Straight and Curly’ with kelly Exeter and Carly Jacobs, who were talking about how important it is to have hobbies.   At the time I was quick to react with some quick ‘I don’t have time for any hobbies!’ type of remark.

And then I had a moment of feeling blue, until it suddenly occurred to me that I do in fact have hobbies!

I enjoy writing on my blog and taking photos.  I also love to read, listen to podcasts and watch movies.   I like to go walking on the beach, making sandcastles with the kids, garage sales and op shops,  coffee catch ups with friends, making beaded jewelry with the girls, BBQ’s at the beach, and watching a few particular lifestyle shows on channel 94 and Netflix.  I’ll also add that I enjoy baking and planning holiday escapes.

There are in fact many things I love to do!  I surprised myself with how many things I could rattle off just now.  At some point I would like to add some more artsy craftsy ideas to my list of things I enjoy doing, but at this time I can honestly say that it is my ‘fantasy self‘ who wants to be one of those wonderful ‘artsy craftsy kinds of people.  I can’t allow my fantasy self (the part of me who thinks I have some fantastic artist within me trying desperately to get out) to dictate here.   Now don’t get me wrong, I do like doodling but that is a lot different from being a true blue artist.  My main hobbies are writing on my blog and taking photos.  When I spend time doing these things they leave me feeling happier than I was before.


If you are wondering how to fit hobbies into your busy life, the simple answer is to schedule hobby time into your calendar.  Looking after yourself doesn’t just mean that your eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep – Looking after yourself is also allowing yourself time off too have have fun or do things that are therapeutic to your soul.  Hobbies allow us to relax and actually help us in so many ways.  Hobbies are good for us, and we need to stop feeling guilty about having interests that are just ours.

Why are hobbies important?

I’ve realised over the last few years that if you don’t have things in your calendar that you are personally looking forward too.  This calendar event is yours.  When the moment in time comes you can taste the wonderful taste of freedom.   Not in a Mel Gibson ‘Braveheart’ kind of way, but in an excited ‘for the next 2 or three hours I will be me and not mum and not wife.  I get to be Sarah and I have to say that when I take the time for me – I am a better wife and a better mother for it!  Its funny how it all works.

Hobbies are good for us because…

  1. They ground us to the present. It turns out that when we are engaged in a hobby we enjoy, our minds are occupied by the task at hand.
  2. Help us deal with stress.
  3. Help us meet new people.
  4. Help bring balance in our lives – they help us escape the our responsibilities for a period of time, which gives us a chance to bring enjoyment into our lives.
  5. Help us feel good about our lives.

I found a book a while back called ‘The Fringe Hours’ by an American mum called Jessica N. Turner, who really challenged the way I thought about taking time for myself, and helped me see where I waste time,  and how I can fit more of me into my day.   It’s all about being present in life and when we feel as though our whole life is about giving out to others and not doing anything for yourself then being present is really hard to do.   It is for this reason that we need to make our hobby time a habit  – a regular time to give back to ourselves.  After all time is a gift.

Now you know what I like to do with my time, I would love to hear about your hobbies.  What do you like to do?


  • Kirstie Ganobsik

    Nice post, I especially love the idea that staying present means giving ourselves a break sometimes. I love to take a walk in nature, travel (even a short road trip is fun), and check out off-the-beaten-path restaurants. These things rejuvenate me, and help me get focused back on my daily tasks quicker.

    • Sarah

      Thanks so much Kelly for commenting on my blog post. I really appreciate your kind words. I think us women struggle at times to allow themselves time to enjoy the things we like to do. There is an element of ‘mother’s guilt’. I must say though….something has happened to me recently…I now have no trouble taking the time I need and want to do something I want to do – and I must say that I am so much happier for it! 🙂 xo

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