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Heavenly Friendships

Friendships are a beautiful tapestry of memories, life experiences shared, conversations had, tears shed, and laughter cherished. Long beautiful friendships where each person in your friendship group journey through all the different facets of life together. There is nothing like the safety and security of genuine friendships with people who are just as committed to growing old with me, as I am with them. I love long term forever friendships, also known as kindred spirited friendships. I am deeply committed and loyal to my friends, and they are the same for me.

I’m so lucky and grateful to have a group of friends like this. We come from all walks in life. Some I see often, some I don’t get to see often, but none-the-less, we pick up exactly where we left off when we are together. There’s no angst, or craziness, no making each other feel guilty for not being free to catch up when life gets the best of us. True friends understand where each other are coming from. They’re patient, kind, forgiving, tolerant, encouraging and want the best for each other. We love each other for who we are, where we’re at, and what’s going on in our lives.

My tribe challenges me to be the best version of myself, and each person in my friendship group is good for my soul. I hope I am the same for them. I get to walk alongside the most beautiful, smart, and courageous women in the world.

I love that there’s no walking on egg shells with my friends. No narcism, no toxicity. Just pure love and acceptance between friends. If there are issues, we talk about problems that arise like adults, and we don’t just cut people out of our lives because each person in our group is valuable as an individual, but also valuable as part of our larger group. Each person is a work in progress, growing and dealing with their own life ups and downs, and let’s face it, sometimes we deal with our personal life circumstances well, other times, not so well. True acceptance of friends (and other people) is to just love each person for where we are at right now – today.

The funny thing about good friendship is that when we accept our people for who they are today, somehow the ‘right now’ slips into 10 years, 20 years and so on and so forth, and the great thing about growing older with people is that we all age together, and secondly, friends become family.

One of the most difficult factors of the covid-19 isolation was not being able to go out to catch up with friends physically. We were created to be in relationship with one another, and too be honest, I didn’t do iso-friendship well. I don’t like the phone that much, and I really don’t like zoom, or facebook video chat, so I have struggled throughout this time with not physically being able to see my friends. Efforts were made, but I love physically seeing my people. Isolation is not good for the soul.

We were created to be in relationship with one another, because connecting with good people leaves you feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Now that the covid-19 restrictions are lifting, I would like to encourage you to make a time to catch up with your people. Whether it be a meal, a coffee or three, or a hot chocolate, it’s time to get together. If you haven’t done so already, pick up the phone, call your besties, organise a catch up. Your soul will be grateful for the connections. There is nothing better than connecting with your people. Isolation is not our friend.

I would love to hear about your friendship groups. With the restrictions lifting are you connecting with your friends like you used too at restaurants and cafes, or bbqs at home?

Chat soon,

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