2017,  Taking Stock

Taking Stock – May 2017

Making:   I had a plan to start learning how to crochet this month, but I haven’t had a chance.   Maybe June, I will have a chance to sit down and learn.   I really want to brag and show you what our beautiful 11 year old made over the course of the last couple of months….

We are so incredibly impressed with her efforts.  She’s one of those kids who can start a project and stick with it right to the end.  Great job Nelly!

 Cooking:   Lots of slow cooker meals!  This has been the month to get out the slow cooker and enjoy effortless evenings of yummy slow cooked happy cosy foods such as soups, casseroles, spaghetti sauces with lots of yummy vegetables.  I am also trying to perfect the art of non-crumbly muesli bars (work in progress) – haven’t yet found the secret to crumble free muesli bars!

Drinking: Soda Water and lemon.

Trawling :  Slow cooker recipe sites; Anything to do with the Danish art of living cozy – Hygge;  School related sites – www.drawcentral.com, maths online, and sites about how women are treated in Afghanistan – with Amy for her assignment; photography tutorials on youtube – Jana William and Josh Cripps; Spotify;

Wanting:  I’d love the ability to be in two places at once….but sadly that is not possible.

Reading:  “I am n” Inspiring stories of Christians Facing Islamic Extremists.

Looking:  For well priced avocados….seriously $2.90 at Woolies at the moment – that is what I call, Criminal!!!

Deciding:  What soup to make –  Tomato or Chicken and Vegetable soup.

Wishing:  For a new thyroid – if only!!  I’m just a bit over not having a thyroid – it’s so frustrating! Grrrr

Enjoying :  Decluttering our home and getting organised for the cooler months.   Hygge season is on its way!!   Cosy blankets, soup, books, movies, candles, essential oils, jeans and sweaters, cosy socks and our fake fire place heater.

Liking:  Cosy nights at home reading.

Wondering: If I should make some Apple and Cinnamin cookies. I kind of want to…they would go really well with my whole relaxed hygge atmosphere I am trying to create – books, cookies, hot chocolate, my mothers day pjs and cosy socks!

Loving:   Afternoons at the beach chilling out with my family – not every afternoon, but as many as we can when the sun is out.   Also pottering around at home, because it helps me feel anchored – and loving my family.  I also love 5.30am Monday mornings at Mooloolaba with my friend, and listening to Amy play her guitar.

Pondering: What to do about a few of Life’s complex issues.

Listening:  My spotify playlist, Calvary podcasts, Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast,  photography youtube channels.

Considering:  What to read next.  I’m thinking of rereading ‘Raising Kids in an Entitled World’ by Kristen Welch.

Buying: Just the necessities – We don’t really need anything at the moment!

Watching:   ‘Fixer Upper’ on channel 94 – the free to air lifestyle channel.  My Donna Hay dvd’s….cooking inspiration.

Baking:  Snacks such as healthy muesli bars – its good to know exactly what goes into them.  We made a Donna Hay Pav for Mothers day – oh my goodness – best pav ever!!

Hoping:   To hear good news!  Anything really??! I just feel like some good news.

Marvelling:   At how wacky my thyroid blood tests but be 6 weeks apart.

Cringing:  Channel 10 – The Project.  I find some of the hosts rather crass and crude, not to mention biased.

Needing:  Time to read, chill out, write, and think.  I also want to  to learn to crochet .

Questioning:  My friend who thinks swimming at the beach in July is a good idea!! Does she not know me!! 🙂

Smelling:  Essential oils… Orange and lavender oils, other times Frankincense oil.

Wearing:  T-shirt and comfy pj pants – it’s after 8.30pm

Noticing:  Life goes far too quickly.

Knowing:  No matter what – God is in control.

Thinking:  About what my purpose in life is?

Admiring:  Laura and Josh who run the girls youth group.  They do an amazing job, always seem so unruffled and always so encouraging and lovely.   As a mum, I am so thrilled that my kids are apart of an amazing group.

Bookmarking : Slow cooker recipes.

Pinning:  Weight loss, photography theory, recipes, art projects, Hygge homes, bucket list ideas, family fun ideas, birthday present ideas, blog ideas, things that make me happy.

Disliking:   Motor Neurone Disease.

Opening:  Today I opened the mail and found a reminder for the new Boystown home brochure.  Its a beautiful home in Tanawha – about 20 minutes from here.

Closing:   Safari Tabs… closing down tabs feels rather good.

Feeling:  A bit tired – my latest thyroid blood tests were quite lousy, which obviously explains a few things.

Hearing :  Listening to music and podcasts that are uplifting

Celebrating :  The simple pleasures in life.

Pretending :  To be organised!!

Embracing :  The colder weather –  We get to practice hygge (hoo-gah)

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