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Taking Stock – November 2016!


Have you ever wanted to take stock of your life in a simple manner….I was recently introduced to this idea, so here goes!  🙂

Here’s my list…

Making :  A list of ingredients to go buy for some Christmas baking.
Cooking : Spaghetti Bol with home made pasta.
Drinking : Soda water and lemon.
Reading:   Happier with Gretchen Rubin (again), The Subtle art of giving a (swearword), Magnolia
Wanting:   A Family Caravan
Looking:   forward to watching Christmas movies and putting up the Christmas tree with our family.
Playing:   Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog with the kids.
Deciding:  How to best help our youngest learn sight words.
Wishing:  I had more time in the day
Enjoying:   Early nights reading or blogging, or watching House of Cards with Hubby
Waiting:   Impatiently for the school holidays
Liking:   That I have extended family presents for Christmas sorted and wrapped.
Wondering: What to buy for the kids for Christmas?
Loving:   Filling my bag with books at the library
Pondering:   What to read next?
Considering:  What Christmas celebrations to attend over the next month.
Watching:  House of Cards, health documentaries, cooking shows , Youtube: iPhone photography tips
Hoping: For a caravan under the Christmas tree this year?
Marvelling:  At how wonderful libraries are – I can fill a bag with books, dvds and cd’s and not spend a cent.  I always feel so rich when I go to our library
Needing:  More time each day to satisfy my reading desires.
Smelling:   Orange and lavender essential oils in my diffuser + Chocolate chip cookies in the oven
Wearing:  t-shirt and long shorts
Following:  Donald Trumps first few weeks of interviews – he doesn’t sound so crazy at the moment!
Noticing:  The birds chirping
Knowing:  All is well at home.
Thinking:  About our family holiday coming up soon.
Feeling: Really happy and content
Admiring: My daughters for their special interests and funny conversations
Sorting:  My library books….what should I look at first?!
Buying:  A piece of marble vinyl to use as a backdrop for some photos I want to take
Getting:  Organised for holidays and Christmas
Bookmarking:  iphone photography
Disliking:  When my eyes water and the mascara stings my eyes.
Opening:  emails and found an old friend interested in a catchup – Very cool!
Giggling:  With kids over Miranda Hart antics.   British tv can be fun
Feeling: Happy!  Our homeschooling report is done and its all good!
Snacking:  I have a fetish for watermelon or anything with feta cheese.
Coveting:  Some new camera lenses and photography equipment
Wishing:  The world was a safer place for our kids growing up.
Helping:  Kids finish the term off well.
Hearing:   Lauren Diagle, Francesca Battistelli, TobyMac,
Favourite Podcasts:  Happier with Gretchen Rubin, Straight and Curly, Let it Be, Aussie Bloggers Podcast, More than the music, The Simple Show – so many podcasts so little time.

I’d love to see your Taking Stock lists….Feel free to put them into the comments!

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