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    Heading Back to High School

    High school can be really hard at times. I should know, this is my second and third time around! Our eldest girls are in year eight and year seven, and I’ll be the first to admit that I really did not enjoy high school the first time around. I am hoping that the fourth (Chanel) and fifth (Jaden) time around will be a little easier! Fingers crossed. This term Amy had to read ‘The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom, for English. One of her assessment pieces required her to pull it apart, and put it back together in the form of an analytical essay. ‘We’ finished her analytical essay…

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    Mother: 4 School Aged Children

    What a massive couple of months its been. The ‘back to school’ sales seemed to start a day or two after New Years Day, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t stopped running since. The rush to get the kids organised for school took longer than I expected it too. Plan A was to get the kids organised as quickly as possible so we could get back to enjoying the last few weeks of the holidays. There was no plan B.  Nonetheless, the holidays finished quicker than I felt ready for them to do so, and so here we are starting the 4th week of term one for the year.  I…

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    Raising Techy kids

    Technology has changed our world on so many levels. I can’t imagine our world now without laptops, iPads/tablets, iPods and smartPhones. I can’t imagine life without wifi….God forbid we still lived in a world with dial up internet,  or NO internet at all?!! I can’t imagine life without the many apps I use on a daily basis.  I don’t know about you, but these days I have a very happy codependent relationship with google – a relationship I have no desire to break off. Hubby is very tech savvy, and I love the world of blogging, wordpress, photography, and social media, so it’s very easy to understand why our kids…

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    Making time for our Kids

    What a month.  I can’t believe how quickly March disappeared, and now here we are in April. The middle of April! Since I posted last, I have been one very busy mumma.  The last week of school was full of activity.   The two older girls went to school camp,  Bethy turned 10, we had two family parties to celebrate Bethy’s birthday over that weekend, the week before camp was all about Parent/teacher interviews, our very first Sunshine Coast bloggers group met for the first time, and I have had a teeny bit of time to work on a project I am wanting to spend more time on.  Not to…

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    Raising Boys

    I am the mother of four children – three girls and one little boy.   While we planned and desired number four – when I was told the gender of the baby was going to be a boy, I have to admit that I panicked.   A part of me was excited, but the other part of me was petrified.  What the heck do you do with a boy?    They are so different to girls.   I have friends with boys and I must admit that I used to think how blessed I was to have girls.  Their boys were strange, a little crazy, and did many things that…

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    Its International Day of Happiness!!!

    Are you happy? Today is all about being happy – Its the official International Day of Happiness. I personally believe that happiness is a choice.   If we allow our circumstances to dictate whether or not we are happy, there are going to be ‘some’ who will live their whole life as a sad sack of potatoes. I personally have an issue with that mindset! Obviously there are times in our lives where circumstances do weigh into how we feel.   A passing of a family member or a friend, or a loved one leaves and lives in another country, a business deal going sour, maybe our dreams haven’t come…

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    Parenting war with Fancy dancey stationery shops

    I have three girls who love a particular colourful stationery shop that has seemed to pop up into every large shopping centre over the last few years.  This store is are everywhere!    The girls love to go and explore the fresh notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, calculators, and other merchandise in each varying colour.    This store is very appealing to the young eye, and I have been told by one of my dear impressionable children that if you don’t buy your school supplies at this particular store – then your basically worthless!  As you can imagine, this no frills mummy, was not impressed by this untrue statement. I…

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    The Universe Says NO!

    The sun….the same sun that usually lights up the Sunshine Coast, is missing in action.   Its dreary, rainy and quite miserable outside.   Not sure who names a cyclone, Oswald, but this Oswald character has and is causing havoc on the Queensland Coastline. Chanel is six and does not like school.  She would much prefer to be home playing or going on ‘excursions’ as she puts it.  I am unsure as to where she heard the terminology, but her fabulous comment this weekend is ‘The Universe must hate that school is starting back on Tuesday!’.  ‘Ozziewuld’, as she calls Oswald ‘obviously hates that we are going back to school –…

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