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The Universe Says NO!

The sun….the same sun that usually lights up the Sunshine Coast, is missing in action.   Its dreary, rainy and quite miserable outside.   Not sure who names a cyclone, Oswald, but this Oswald character has and is causing havoc on the Queensland Coastline.


Chanel is six and does not like school.  She would much prefer to be home playing or going on ‘excursions’ as she puts it.  I am unsure as to where she heard the terminology, but her fabulous comment this weekend is ‘The Universe must hate that school is starting back on Tuesday!’.  ‘Ozziewuld’, as she calls Oswald ‘obviously hates that we are going back to school – must be protesting for us!’.   I even heard her pray that the wind would blow down the school so that we wouldn’t have to go back on Tuesday!.

I am thinking that this child needs to stop watching regular television, while the flood are on.  She must have seen a news article talking about some of the destruction of homes up north over the last few days.

All week Chanel has been coming up with reasons as to why going back to school was a bad idea.     Late last week, she told me that she had an addiction to tic tacs and that we needed to go to the Gold Coast and stay in a unit for a few months!   Apparently this is what people do when they have an addiction – they holiday in a nice unit on the Gold Coast!

Are your kids fretting about going back to school – or are they excited?

I know for me personally that although I am not looking forward to the school related jobs that need to be done each day – I am looking forward to having a little space to have time with Jaden.   I am also looking forward to a little time to focus on my blog, among a few other projects that I am thinking about.   Over the holidays I haven’t had much time to write and blog.   I guess at the end of the day, when you know you don’t have a choice – but to get a move on and just accept that the kids are going back to school this week, your mind starts thinking about the positives for when the  kids being out of the house.   And lets be realistic…there are 10 weeks till the next school holidays.

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