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Happy Mother’s Day

Its Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Many mums look at their lives and analyse how they’re doing in their role as a mother.

Some days I feel great about motherhood.  Other days I thank God we all survived the day!  Most days I move through the day feeling cool and calm like ‘Mary Poppins’, other days when I feel overwhelmed and out of sorts I feel a little like ‘Bruce Banner’ on a stressful day.

I have discovered that Motherhood = Imperfection!

And while many will disagree with me when I say that imperfection is okay.  This thought is what helps me when I have 4 baskets of clothing waiting to be sorted and folded, dinner needs to be cooked, children are arguing about ridiculous issues, everything that could go wrong does, and life feels a little overwhelming.

Have you ever noticed everything seems to happen at the same time?

What I have learned is this…

  • Every Mum at some point feels overwhelmed!  I don’t believe that any one of us escapes the feeling of overwhelm.  We have to accept that not one of us have it altogether.    Having it altogether is a mirage –  It’s unattainable.  I am simply a woman who wants to raise my imperfect children to be the best adults they can be;
  • Some days it’s good to go without makeup and blowdrying;
  • Motherhood is learning when to take the big guns out, and when to let them have a ‘vegemite and jam’ sandwich.   Motherhood is knowing that vegemite and jam don’t go well together, but allowing our six year old to experiment with flavours such as this because arguing the point really doesn’t matter in the great journey of life.   Motherhood is learning to be adaptable and flexible, yet never compromising in our family values;
  • We should not compare ourselves to other mums. We need to be the mum for our kids that God created us to be.   Its fine to learn from others, but not to compare ourselves and beat ourselves up because we don’t measure up to our perception of others.
  • We need to focus on being the best versions of ourselves, accept our imperfections, be kind to ourselves;
  • We need to remind ourselves to live in the present.  Our children grow up far too quickly and this time will be lost forever if we don’t embrace it with everything we are;

Family life is good. At times it’s chaotic and crazy.  Some days it’s fun.  Some days I want to put the covers  over my head and turn over again.   Other days I want to take up the challenge, grab them all with both hands and never let them go.   Family life is imperfect and that is perfectly OKAY.

Happy Mothers Day to all our mums.  Congratulations if you have it all together, and if you are like me and don’t have it altogether, try to find the funny in your situation, and just love your family for where you are all at.    I have learned that all our kids really want is a happy home life where they are loved, and they feel  safe to be themselves.   They don’t expect perfection.  They don’t expect us to be perfect.

I thought I would leave you with this funny little video.    It always makes me smile and reminds me that imperfection is all around us.



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