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How to make yourself a Priority!


Well, I must say that I have been thinking about this blog post for a while.   In fact, I have tried to write it numerous times, and every time I try I get the giggles because I am very much a work in progress.   I believe in the sentiment of making time for myself whole heartedly, but I often find it difficult to put the concept of ‘ME TIME’ into action.

I laugh because the last time I was about to take time out for myself and read my book,  my gorgeous boy accidentally peed on the floor. He was engrossed in what he was playing, he left going to the toilet to the very last second, and, as a result he didn’t quite make it.  This is not the kind of accident you can leave until later to clean up.

It’s very important that we mums make ourselves a priority.  We have to look after ourselves physically and emotionally.  When we aren’t looking after ourselves or making ourselves a priority we tire quickly, feel stuck and can often feel completely unappreciated.  Sometimes we even become a little snappy.   Time outs allow us to refresh our minds and hearts so that we can be good for our families when we return.   Time outs are good for our soul.

So how do we make ourselves a priority?  How do we balance life and make sure that we feel good about ourselves in amongst the craziness of family life?

  1. We need to realise that the craziness of family life is going to continue whether we take time out or not.  This is why we need to take the time out and feel the benefits of taking the time off.
  2. We need to accept those things that we cannot change, and only focus on the areas of our life that we can change.
  3. We all have a personal purpose in life to fulfil, and we need to have the time to find out what it is as well as give some of our time to working on it.
  4. We need time to spend with our girl friends.  We are created to be in relationship with other people and it is vital that we have time with our friends to bounce our ideas and thoughts around.
  5. We all have a need to fulfil our creative side in our life. Its good to find a craft to do on a regular basis.
  6. When we have quite time on our own, it settles our hearts and our minds.  Research says that it is really good for us to have quite time without others around.  Having time on our own allows us a chance to reset our thoughts and brings us a sense of peace.  This means that we are happier in ourselves too.
  7. If you want to make yourself a priority you need to make time for yourself.   I know that I am a better wife and a better mum when I give myself the gift of time.  The secret is to schedule it in and pray that no one throws up or pees on the floor before you head out the door.

I’m sure I have probably left out a couple of points here, if you think I have missed a point –  Feel free to add them in the comments section. 🙂


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