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The 30 Day Challenge!

Sometimes you need to do something different in your life to get a new perspective. 

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Sometimes I am one of those people who wants change but I don’t know what to do about it.     To cut a really long story short, I found this Ted Video.

I love this philosophy.   How do you know you don’t like something if you have never tried it?    The 30 day challenge is all about trying new things – anybody can commit to something different in your life for 30 days.

Change doesn’t have to mean changing everything about your life in one month, for lasting change it is better to do one thing at a time.   You may not want to continue somethings past the thirty day mark, but at least you have tried it.   Given it a go.


As you know I have been on a little self exploration journey this year.    I wanted this year to be about improving my life.

Since seeing this short Ted video I have been thinking of things that I can start doing every day.       I am trying to think of things that I would like to do every day.    I recently read that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so if I chose to do one thing per month, I will have changed 12 things for the year.    I think that is a pretty good effort .

So here are some ideas….If you have any more, let me know…and I might just do it with you!

  • Walk for 1 hour every day for 30 days
  • Go for a run for 1/2 hour every day for 30 days.  (My friend Tam will love this one)
  • Teach Chanel to ride her bike every day for 30 days.    She has to get it at some point!
  • Go for a half an hour bike ride every day.
  • Take a photo of the kids every day for 30 days
  • No tv for 30 days
  • No sugar for 30 days
  • Reading to the kids every day.
  • No chocolate for 30 days
  • Go to the beach every day for 30 days
  • Write a book in 30 days – 1000 words per day?
  • Play a game with kids every day for 30 days.
  • Personal Reading for 1/2 an hour personal reading every day.
  • Do 3 Labalsa hills every day.

The idea isn’t to make them easy challenges.  Where is the challenge in that?  A challenge is supposed to push you out of your comfort zone.    Whenever I push myself out of that comfort zone, I feel that I am strengthening that resilient muscle.  Its a muscle that needs strengthening on a regular basis.    Sometimes we have to do things that we really don’t like doing, but we can be so proud of ourselves when the job is done.



  • balancedwesomeness

    Hahaha…I do love it. And I love the hills too. I just did 5 hills and a bunch of other stuff along with some intention time with hubby this morning. I am up for the hills everyday and the run every day for sure…when do we stary??? Woohoo!!!

  • rasajack

    I have an idea to add to your list Mischievious Mum, how about give up dairy and/or meat for 30 days? Sorry couldn’t resist 🙂 I signed a pledge to do this for 30 days over six months ago and still not touched either. How about no internet for 30 days……no scrub that, its unthinkable haha.
    I am going to try walking my dog (no that should be the other way round….he will walk me!) every day/30 days for half an hour. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Mischievious Mum

      Oh that is a good one Rasajack! I will have to think about not eating meat….few issues that I need to consider in the decision. 🙂 Great idea adding getting walked by your dog to the list! LOL….In thirty days time – it may be just the opposite!

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