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    Embrace – Love your body!

    Last week a friend of mine and I attended the ‘Embrace’ documentary movie at the Maroochydore Cinemas. I love a good documentary movie.   That is, a documentary that takes you on a journey to understanding.   A journey to see life from a different perspective.    Taryn Brumfitt, the woman who made the documentary movie, really is amazing.  The reason behind doing the documentary was to help create a world where women stopped hating their bodies, and started loving their bodies – no matter the shape or size. What I loved about the Embrace movie? I loved that Taryn put herself in the documentary.  She didn’t just narrate the story – she…

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    Mischievious Mum’s Favourite Things 2015

    Do you remember the Oprah show?   I have to admit I miss the Oprah show, particularly the give away shows. The Extravagant “Oprah’s Favourite things’ shows.  I loved seeing Oprah give away luxurious gifts to her shocked and very excited crowds.  Remember the holiday to Australia for all those American teachers, and the time she presented everyone with a new car? Each year, Oprah puts together a list of things that she calls ‘Oprah’s Favourite Things’, and of course this year is no different.  I’m not sure how she goes about giving it all away these days, but I know she can still put together a fabulous ‘favourites list’. Now,  I must remind…

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    Farewell 2014. Hello 2015

    Happy New Year Everyone! Can you believe we’re in 2015, already? Life in our household has been full on since I posted last.  December was a very busy month for our family –  Our 13th wedding anniversary came and went, numerous end of year school events, Amy had her annual MRI and blood test for her CRMO issue, we had an awesome family holiday on the Gold Coast, fun Christmas family events, we welcomed our new nephew Max into the family, Christmas, a couple of birthdays, and now here we are – 14 days into the new year and this week we celebrated Jaden’s 4th birthday.  I can’t believe he’s 4 – what…

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    Finding my sense of style. Check!

    Are you a fan of the show Offspring? I wasn’t really a fan as such, until recently when I had the flu and was in desperate need of a television fix.   There was nothing on at all so I turned to catch-up television online.   All I wanted was something to watch to dull the flu symptoms, and so it was at this time that I stumbled across a couple of episodes of Offspring.  While I don’t race to watch it when its on, I have since decided that I really like the main character Nina’s quirky personality.  I also like her funky sense of style. Between you and me, I…

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    Find Out What your Body Type is

    Recently, I reached the point where I could no longer contain the frustration I have been feeling toward my lack of results.   As you know, I have been on a health journey – trying to lose weight, so that I can qualify for an operation I need to have to fix my tummy.   Becoming a mother, the lack of a thyroid gland, and the busyness of life have not been kind to me.  Unfortunately, the results are not favourable considering the months I have been working on it. Now, I must admit, it would be very easy to give up. However, that would mean I would be admitting…

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    Define your Mountain – is it a Physical or Metaphoric Mountain?

    To reach any mountain top, one must climb. This post is not about a literal mountain climb, we all know that a physical mountain is of course possible to climb, and the reward for any mountain climb is the magnificent view from the top.  The view from the top is breathtaking and spectacular. A person who achieves their mountain top can feel overwhelmed, excited to have achieved their goal, and may feel both encouraged and motivated to achieve other life goals along their journey. Thousands of people climb physical mountains, but we all climb metaphoric mountains in one way or another.  There is a similarity between a metaphoric journey and…

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    Living your Best Life – Nobody has it altogether!

    Do you think its possible to ever get to a place where you actually have it altogether? I got a laugh out of this You tube video a friend of mine posted to facebook.   It depicts a family walking through the doors of their church –  Everyone turns to admire this family, because….’they have it all together’.   Little do their church family know how their morning went.  I encourage you to watch. It’s so easy to think that others have their lives sorted.  Its easy to believe that ‘others’ have it altogether, and its easy to feel as though we are the only ones who understand what it…

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    Wheat Belly Quick Recap

    In my last blog post I told you all about a book called  ‘Wheat Belly’, a book about  getting rid of wheat in our diets.  I am not going retell you the story of wheat belly, or what i have been learning about.   I will say though that if you would like to read about the idea behind Wheat Belly, please head over to http://wp.me/p3CidK-3eZ One of my wonderful readers informed me about a facebook page called Cut the crap which is now one of my favourite go-to resource.   Facebook also has a Wheat Belly page, which I find incredibly inspiring.   I have also learned over the last couple…

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