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    Mischievious Mum’s Favourite Things 2015

    Do you remember the Oprah show?   I have to admit I miss the Oprah show, particularly the give away shows. The Extravagant “Oprah’s Favourite things’ shows.  I loved seeing Oprah give away luxurious gifts to her shocked and very excited crowds.  Remember the holiday to Australia for all those American teachers, and the time she presented everyone with a new car? Each year, Oprah puts together a list of things that she calls ‘Oprah’s Favourite Things’, and of course this year is no different.  I’m not sure how she goes about giving it all away these days, but I know she can still put together a fabulous ‘favourites list’. Now,  I must remind…

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    Embracing 40 with Style and Pizazz!

    It was birthday week in our household this week – not just one birthday, but two! Amy officially became a teenager on Wednesday, so on Tuesday evening the rest of the family secretly blew up a pack of a 100 balloons so that Amy would wake to a room full of balloons. We only had a few balloon casualties along the way.   The next morning, hubby and I smuggled approximately 96 balloons into Amy’s room before she woke up.  We covered her bed with as many balloons that would stay on her bed, and then waited in the doorway to her bedroom for her alarm to go off, which didn’t take too long thankfully. Amy really…

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    Under the Tuscan Sun

    ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ is one of my all time favourite movies.   I love the imagery of Italy. The houses built into the hillside, the cobble stone roads, the beautiful old architecture, the vineyards, and the beautiful landscape of Italy.  The story line is good too.  ‘Under the Tuscan Sun”, is about a woman called  Frances Mayes, who happens to be a writer – a writer with writers block, who suddenly finds herself unexpectedly divorced.  Her friends cash in their Tuscany tour holiday so that their friend could have some fun, cheer up and find some direction.   At first Frances refuses, but then she realises she needs to escape the pain…

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    Love, Grace and Gratitude – Finding True Happiness

    Over the last couple of weeks we were introduced to the ‘New’ Renee Zellweger.  The articles and media conversations surrounding Renee’s ‘new’ look were quite thought provoking, and somewhat attacking.  Some reporters commented that ‘we’, the general public, put a lot of pressure on celebrities to keep their youthful appearance, and because of our expectations – they feel obligated to do everything in their power to remain youthful – including surgery.  Other reports lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of producers and directors in the entertainment industry.   Since Renee launched her new look  – Actress Julia Roberts commented that she has no plans to freshen up her look with cosmetic surgery,  she realises that…

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    How to find your inner Kardashian – I mean confidence!

    These days, most people know exactly who the Kardashian family is! For those who don’t know, the Kardashian’s are a large, very confident and very self assured family who live in America – who happen to have their own reality show called none other than ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians!’ This blog post really isn’t about the Kardashians as such – it is more about finding your inner confidence.   The Kardashian’s are very comfortable with who they are, and what they are all about.   It seems that each member of the Kardashian family have confidence that could be measured in buckets, actually no – lets just call them…

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    Sarah – when did you get so old?

    This morning I crawled out of bed.  It was probably one of the hardest nights sleep I have had in a long time, and I think that I have just about had enough of Jaden waking at 1 am and refusing to go back to sleep.    Jaden is one of those kids who screams until he gets his needs met so I can only imagine the glee and joy that my neighbours would feel if they were woken up by me trying to do ‘control crying’ or trying those good old ‘Self settling’ techniques at 1 am in the morning.   I don’t think the ‘Oldies’ out the back…

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