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Find Out What your Body Type is


Recently, I reached the point where I could no longer contain the frustration I have been feeling toward my lack of results.   As you know, I have been on a health journey – trying to lose weight, so that I can qualify for an operation I need to have to fix my tummy.   Becoming a mother, the lack of a thyroid gland, and the busyness of life have not been kind to me.  Unfortunately, the results are not favourable considering the months I have been working on it.

Now, I must admit, it would be very easy to give up. However, that would mean I would be admitting defeat, it would mean that I would officially stop trying, it would also mean that I’d never reach my goal, the past year would be completely wasted, and I would never face my obstacles and I would never win.  Giving up sounds like such a waste when I put it like that.  I want to conquer what ever it is that is preventing me from achieving my weight loss goal.   I want to reach my ultimate goal – Health and vitality – AND I want to shop and wear clothes I love!

I have done a lot of talking about taking responsibility for my health and well being – and I have been working it, but when your not getting the results you feel you should be getting – you have to change your tactic – not throw the goal out the window!

So, I’m changing tactics!

Over the last couple months I have been researching, really getting a clear understanding of what my issues are.  I want to know how my issues can be fixed.   Losing weight sounds so simple, and it is for some, but I haven’t experienced that ease.    Its not about eating less and moving more.  Losing weight and getting healthy is far bigger than one plus one equals two.

I have quickly learned that you have to understand what the right questions are, so that you can find the right answers.

Step 1.   Late last year, I read the book ‘Wheat Belly’  by Cardiologist and Author William Davies, and find myself going back to the concepts in the book.   This book introduced me to the ideas surrounding genetically modified foods,  how our animals are fed and treated, and why wheat these days is something for us to avoid, and how the food pyramid should be turned upside down.  The Wheat belly Facebook page has also reminded me of how many discrepancies there are in the world of nutrition.

Step 2.    Google.   That’s right – I googled! I’m a googler.   I googled what I wanted to know. I wrote ‘why can’t I lose weight’ in the google search bar and I found   Dr Eric Berg designed a quick test to determine what body type you are.  It seems we all fall into one of the following body types – Adrenal, thyroid, liver and ovary.   While my predominant body type is adrenal, my test also indicates that I have a number of traits in the thyroid category.   I was born without a thyroid gland so I was expecting a thyroid body type to be the predominant body type.  What i have learnt is that you can be predominant in one area, but display other body type characteristics.  So my main two are adrenal and thyroid.

Here are some youtube videos relating to Dr Berg’s adrenal fatigue ( and Dr Berg’s  ‘what to eat for each body type’ youtube video (  Obviously go further and work out what your body type is – its well worth the research.

Step 3.    Find a doctor who treats ‘you’ the person, rather than the pathology results.   Over the years, I have learned that doctors, while their hearts are in the right place, aren’t always educated enough with my particular issues.    For years, I took a synthetic medication because I was instructed to do so.   Before I was born the medication on offer was a natural product that contained both T3 and T4.  Then the pharmaceutical companies bought in to the mix, but the synthetic medication they created is only based on T4.  My doctors throughout my life only prescribed synthetic products.   My blood tests came back with what they called ‘normal results’, but the symptoms were not normal and they were a struggle to push past.   I finally found a doctor who agreed to increase the amount of oroxine, however, at the time I didn’t understand the need to have both T3 and T4 together in the medication. Recently I found out about natural thyroid medications, and I have now been on this medication for almost 2 months.   If you have a thyroid issue and you need medication, and you would like to change over to a natural product, its best to contact your local compound chemist, as they will know of the doctors in your area who are happy to prescribe the natural alternative to the synthetic options.

Step 4.  Don’t be afraid to youtube.   Youtube is one of the most amazing sites on the internet.  I found Dr Mark Hyman on youtube, and he talks a lot about health, how bad sugar is, among a multitude of other issues.    Youtube is a brilliant resource that should not just be used for sending out your ‘in the bedroom’ music videos – its a brilliant education resource.  One that I use on a regular basis.

Step 5.   Read.  Read everything you can read on the topic of your issue.  Find out reputable resources and really take responsibility for your health.   I encourage you.  You only live once!

Here are some of the books I want to encourage those of you who have hormone issues, and or thyroid come adrenal issues.

1.   Feeling fat, fuzzy and frazzled?  Richard and Kirrilee Shames M.D.
2.   The Thyroid Sourcebook for Women.  Mary Shoman
3,   The Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough.  Mary Shoman
4.   I Quit Sugar.   Sarah Wilson
5.  The Liver cleansing diet.  Sandra Cabot
6.  The Blood Sugar Solution.  Dr Mark Hyman
7.  Unlock the secrets that keep you fat!   Sandra Cabot

This health and weight loss journey may have started many moons ago for me, and I have struggled to lose weight.  If you look at me, you would think that my efforts were in vain, you’d probably think I wasn’t eating right, and I wasn’t exercising, and it is for this reason, I made the decision a while back that I was going to heed the advice of my doctor, but I was going to spend any available time I had to research my inability to lose weight.   My health is my responsibility and to go forward I need to take what I learn to my doctor.   I have finally found a doctor who is open to listen and work with me.  Its taken a while….but its great to be able to go and give him a stack of information.  He probably fears appointments with me, but I am desperate to fix my situation.

Now I just need to put what I have learned into action!  I’m hoping that I can start to see some significant results.   Knowledge is powerful, but it still takes some action to meet your goal.




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