The Brand New Shiny Door – A nappy free life!

Recently Jaden officially became a big boy!  He ditched the ‘baby’ nappies and decided to embrace undies whole heartedly.   It was a joyous moment in our household – I celebrated for days (truthfully I am still celebrating)!   I was going to mention our new no nappy household a couple of weeks ago, but then I decided not too just in case it was a 3 1/2 year olds trick on his mother – I decided to wait and see how it went.  I wanted to make sure that this no nappy phase in our lives was a real thing and not an illusion.

I must admit,  I was really nervous about Jaden not wearing a nappy to bed.  I was thinking about my work load if he wet the bed.  I was overly cautious (bit of a control freak actually, although I knew it had to happen at some point).   Hubby seems less cautious and a little freer in these things.  Sometimes I have to get out of the way and let him parent, because when he does, he generally does a good job.    Unfortunately, we’d still be buying nappies for night times if it wasn’t for this night I went out for coffee with a friend.   When I returned, hubby told me an established fact –  Jaden wanted to be a big boy – he wanted to wear undies to bed.  I will admit that I prayed that night – I desperately wanted Jaden to be dry in the morning.

He was dry.
… and the next night he went through dry, and the next night he was dry.
That was about 6 weeks ago now and while yes we have had a few accidents in the day time – we haven’t yet wet the bed.   Touch wood!

Its now the 16th day of September.    There is an excitement in the air – and while I feel I can indeed shout from the mountain top that we have reached that place in life where we can declare that we are a nappy free household, we also no longer live in Babyville.   We have well and truly merged into that next phase of life, and it feels good!  We have stepped out of the Babyville door and in front of our family,  there is a huge timber metaphoric door with a brand new shiny door knob opening up for us.  What’s on the other side of the door, I wonder?

Last week I made the decision to declare war on clutter in our home,  I have worked hard to shed each room from anything we don’t use on a regular basis, and while I still have a few areas in our home to spend time on, I feel that I have made huge progress.  We have now passed on all of our baby items to happy family members who really appreciate ‘hand-me-down’ items, and the only thing I have kept is a stroller – mainly for when my sister in laws are on the coast and need a pram, and between you and me, I am hoping  my mum would like to store that in her garage, I have my fingers crossed.

I find this time of year quite exciting anyway…there’s something about Spring that makes me feel really happy, maybe its just that we are finally out of winter (not that our winters are that cold compared to other areas of the country/world).  I think that this Spring is a little more special though as it represents a real change for us as a family.   Its quite an achievement to head into the next phase in our family life.   Bring on the new adventures!!  🙂

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