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Glamping Fun!

Last weekend we ‘Glamped’ at the Broadwater Tourist Park on the Gold Coast.  We were going to camp, but we had a number of cold nights here, and I chickened out of camping in a tent because I really didn’t feel that we were set up to camp in the cold.   I’m still keen to camp but now that I have experienced the cabin option, I’m in love with glamping.

Our cabin number was 312. It was the first cabin along the beach front and we had the best view of the little  beach, and our view to Sea World was lovely.  Our weekend away was literally the most relaxing and enjoyable time away we have had in a long time – and we are keen as mustard to go again.

The Broadwater Tourist Park is a well maintained park that is truly a great place for families to holiday.

We can’t wait to go again.



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