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    Wheat Belly Quick Recap

    In my last blog post I told you all about a book called  ‘Wheat Belly’, a book about  getting rid of wheat in our diets.  I am not going retell you the story of wheat belly, or what i have been learning about.   I will say though that if you would like to read about the idea behind Wheat Belly, please head over to One of my wonderful readers informed me about a facebook page called Cut the crap which is now one of my favourite go-to resource.   Facebook also has a Wheat Belly page, which I find incredibly inspiring.   I have also learned over the last couple…

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    Health is NOT over rated!

    Hello Beautiful Readers, What a huge couple of weeks I have had. I’m starting to think that a little knowledge is dangerous. It changes your perspective and belief system on so many levels. Now I am sure you are wondering what I am going to chat about today, so I will tell you. As you know, over the last so many months I have been on a health journey. I will admit that I have had a little struggle with it, due to a couple of disappointing moments where I could have literally thrown the scales out the window. While I haven’t been happy with my recent results I have…

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    This is our Chanel and she has Food Sensitivities!

    This is Chanel and we have been having some Food sensitivity issues. A number of months ago I took her to the doctor and had blood tests done and an ultra sound because she was complaining that she had tummy pain.   All the tests came up clear, and the doctor said that because Caeliac didn’t come up in the blood test he didn’t believe she was Caeliac, but there had to be  something in her diet causing this pain.   She also has issues going to the bathroom so he suggested that we take her off Lactose.   I didn’t realise how many foods had lactose in them, but…

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