When’s the baby due?

This is the worse question any woman has to face when they aren’t actually pregnant!    I have to say that I have experienced this a number of times, and its not fun. I have a problem with my tummy – its […]

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The Good Ol Days

This photo is of Hubby and I before we were Hubby and wifey!  The year was 2001…the same year as we got married, and we were a couple of months off being engaged.   These were the days where I had time….I […]

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Hubby or kids first?

I am a guilty wife….I have to say that there is a pecking order in our household – usually goes from the littlest to the oldest and then me – or the one with the greatest need at the time gets preference.  […]

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Toy Challenge for the toy challenged Public Hospitals of Australia

With our eldest daughter needing to stay at the Children’s ward at both Nambour Hospital and also the Royal Children’s hospital in Brisbane we have become quite accustomed to the boredom that comes with staying in hospital.    While we have been […]

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Finding that thing you do!

Family life is rewarding on so many levels.   The love I have for each person in my family is not in question, but I have to be honest and say this –  As rewarding as family life is – I am […]

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Life with kids can be….

Although this blackboard sign sends chills throughout my being – I don’t need or want a kitten, I do understand what it must be like for store owners/managers when my tribe and I go shopping.    Today we dropped in on a […]

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Caloundra-Maleny Show Holiday 2012

I am one of those mums who love holidays, public holidays, pupil free days, show holidays and weekends.   I love the days, we don’t have to run to a routine – the SCHOOL ROUTINE!  It is lovely to have a break […]

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