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I know what your problem is…!


It was so amazing to be asked to go to a group for Mums in Business – especially when your in the process of looking for ‘The Right Direction’.   A friend of mine has asked me a few times now if I would go, and although I was planning to go, I wasn’t able to go for one reason or another  – till today.    Actually its been Jaden who has prevented me from going! Yep I am blaming the boy!

This time,  I made it a priority to go – obviously I would put my kids first if I had to, but I made a plan of action,  put it in the diary and got babysitting for Jaden!   I was actually quite excited and apprehensive to go as I don’t really have a business as such.  I am interested in a whole lot of topics and I feel that I am slowing organising my thoughts.  At least I feel like I am headed in a direction. I am in the learning and planning stage basically.

So,  apparently I know what your problem is!???

So here I am sitting at a cafe in the most beautiful and odd place you can think of.  The balcony of this cafe over looked the Kawana Lake and guess where it is….the Kawana Private Hospital (Innovation drive)!   The sun beams off the water and lets just say that it’s ‘magical’.     I didn’t want to be anywhere else – I could have stayed there all day!   I have to admit that i had no idea of what to expect when my friend planned the event at the private hospital…but I decided to go with it despite my memories of hospital cafeterias.    Trusting Pauline’s judgement meant that I and the other women had a great morning not just together, but the environment was fantastic!

There are so many women who are amazing and inspirational!  We have the ability to do so many things in our lives and be mums, wives or single parents, sisters and daughters, but I have noticed that we are quick to look outward at others and feel inspired and excited for somebody else’s success, but when it comes to our own success we have trouble believing in ourselves.   Why is it easier to believe in somebody else’s success?  We, mums need to have more confidence in ourselves, and we need to believe that we can be successful.   Since we are our own definers of what success is – we need to be more confident in our ability to reach the point of what we call success.


So there it is.  Your problem is that you don’t have enough confidence in yourself to do the one thing you know that you will excel in, and enjoy.  So what are you going to do about it?  Don’t we mums deserve to live our dream and have success in the areas of our lives we want success?

Well, I know for me that I left the mums in business meet up feeling positive, enlightened, and feeling great about the direction I am going in.  More than that though,  I felt inspired to define my thoughts further so that my plans are easy to put into action.

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