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Get Inspired!

Amy, our 11 year old daughter came home excited on Friday from school.   She wanted to show me a video of this ‘funny little kid who dresses like the President!’.  Amy was introduced to ‘Kid President’ at school, so we sat down at the computer together’, and before I knew it – I had four children crowding the computer.  Kid President is infectious!

The Kid President puts a smile on your face straight away.   He has an infectious smile and a hilarious little laugh, and you can just see he has a fun personality.

EN_0304_QUIJANO_480x360The Kid President’s mission:
Is to give you a pep talk! and to help make our world a better place!
After all, everybody needs a pep talk!

Robby Novak, AKA ‘Kid President’ is ten and is an amazing child.   He and his sister Alexia were born with a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (also known as brittle bone disease), which means their bones break easily, so they are in a lot of pain.  However, Robbie’s desire is to live large despite his frailties.

I think Amy was particularly inspired by Robbie’s story because she could identify with him. Amy’s CRMO condition is not in any way on par with what Robbie and his sister Alexia go through, but she understands what pain is and I could see Amy felt inspired by a child in her peer age living his life on such a large scale, and not allowing his condition stop him or his dream.

So she and I have picked out the two videos that we would love you to watch – make sure you tell us what you think afterwards – we would love to hear your thoughts?.

The first one is a pep talk to you from the Kid President – Have a dream!

And the second one is the Kid Presidents Pep talk to Teachers and Students.

Isn’t it great to be reminded, that we are here for a reason? Every one of us has a dream for our lives – the question needing to be asked is – Are you going to go after your dream AND fight for it – jump over any obstacles if need be? OR are we going to lie down and let the ‘issues’ of life take our joy and our passion?  We all have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill and if a child with serious health concerns can dress up like the president and inspire us, then I am certain that today I can put a smile on my dial and go for one of my dreams.

Don’t just dare to dream, pull up your socks and go for it – whats the worst that happen?



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