Mrs Cranky Pants…!

Are you a forward thinker or a backward thinker?

This post has nothing to do with bottoms.   In fact its more about life and how sometimes you think you’re going in one direction, but somehow, for some reason, you end up going in another.   This morning I got up on the wrong side of the bed – I have felt out of sorts all day, and I hate feeling like that.  Nothing’s wrong – its just that 24 hours – you know the ’24 hours’ that happens from time to time – when you feel a little ‘out of sorts’?  All day I have been reminding myself – every other minute of the day, that my family are a blessing, and were NOT put on this earth to annoy me!    That yuk feeling that I get has nothing to do with any one of the kids, or hubby, its purely and utterly me.  Today I felt like Mrs Cranky pants.   Outwardly I was trying to keep my cool, but on the inside I felt really ‘BLAH’!

Today was not the day to ask me questions, have a go at me, annoy me, have a heated discussion with me.   I need to say that I do not normally feel this way…!  Today, was just one of those days.   I am just so very happy that I get a chance to wake up tomorrow morning feeling renewed.  Tomorrow morning is the opportunity to draw a line in the sand and make tomorrow a good day…afterall there are so many good things in my life and our life.

Anyway, because I felt like Mrs Cranky Pants today, I am going to head off and have an early night.   I really don’t want to have another day like today!

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