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Spring in my Step!


Spring is here at last (insert happy dance here). I don’t know about you, but for me winter felt as though it would never end. It was a very long three months this year. I don’t know if I can fully express to you my excitement for Spring.

Over the last couple of weeks I caught a chest infection and tonsillitis, which took me out of the game of life for a couple of weeks, and believe me it has not been fun.  Kicking illness to the curb is like a Spring present, after all, there’s nothing worse than a sick mum.  Households don’t function well when mum is down for the count. Hubby and my mum have been very helpful, but I have hated feeling so blah.  I worked out that its been over 14 years since I needed antibiotics.   All I knew was that I needed to get well – AND fast.

On a day mum does NOTHING!
On a day mum does NOTHING!

Hubby had a conference on the Gold Coast last week.   He was staying in an apartment right near the Bond university.   At the last minute we decided that Amy and I would go down and enjoy the unit and the surroundings of the Gold Coast for the week.  We love the Gold Coast.  It was a recovery week in so many ways, but I could not have done it with out the help of mum.   Super Nannie looked after Beps, Nelly and JJ.   I have never been away from the Coast before without the kids so while it was a strange week in terms of having only one with me,  I missed the girls and Jaden very much, but mums help gave me a break, a break I was in need of to get better.

So now that I feel better, the energy is returning and I am keen as mustard to get out and enjoy these beautiful spring days.

Spring is a magical time of the year for us.  Its refreshing, but the thing I love the most about Spring is that the days become longer, there’s an excitement in the air, and when the lawns are done –  outside living is an absolute MUST.  Theres nothing better than dinner outside, bring back salads and bbq’s.

This time of year brings a deep desire to freshen up our home and declutter.   I love being at home, and I love improving our home – pity major changes means major money, but there are little things we can do to improve our humble little place – starting with a good old declutter.    There are so many ways to freshen up a home, but sometimes we need some inspiration.   I’m not sure how you find inspiration to get your home in order, but I have four ways.

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Spring also means health and wellbeing to me so I am thinking I will start a 100 day challenge to help me in my endeavours of health.   Anyone want to join me?

100 day challenge

I’d love to hear about your plans for Spring?   Drop me a line! xo

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