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Forget and do not look at yesterdays post! ….Move forward to good things and Beanie Parties

Today I woke up feeling good.   What a relief!  Just don’t go back to yesterday’s post when I was having a grumble about feeling out of sorts, and lets face it – I was Mrs Cranky Pants yesterday – so I don’t want you going backwards – GO Forwards!

As I woke this morning from a lovely dream about our little family winning a prize home on the Gold Coast, I decided that today –  I was going to be kind to myself and give myself permission to enjoy my day!  Afterall, yesterday I had an ‘internal melt down’ which was a bit nasty.  Yesterday was supposed to be a great day –  I got to see my brothers and their little families, and then I got a lovely surprise from a friend who said that she nominated my blog for a ‘lovely blog award’.  How awesome is that?!!!!    I have lots of things to be happy about…so I really don’t understand why I felt so yuk yesterday.

So this morning I awoke feeling pretty well, happy and rested – despite trying to do some normal jobs and getting back into the routine of ‘MUM MODE’.   Its so hard to keep a clean and chaos free home when the kids are on holidays, but today I am not looking down at the grotty floor…I am looking straight ahead…If I don’t look left and I don’t look right I won’t see the multitude of things to do.  I am even closing my eyes as I go into the bathroom…if I don’t see dirt today, I don’t have to clean it!   I know that this is only going to get me so far, but when you are the main cleaner and housekeeper, and if you are like me – you always see jobs and this means that your – or should I say, ‘me’, I feel like I am always cleaning up after everyone.    So at this moment –  if I don’t see it – it ‘the dirt’ does not exist!   As I sit here writing my blog post I can tell you quite dishonestly that the two massive piles of clothes on the couch in the living room are no longer there.   I am in a moment of bliss.  Unfortunately when I do eventually turn around from the computer, I am going to wonder who messed up my home while I have been online…but I can deal with that as long as I have a little bit of time to tell you, my readers, about my day.

As I have said already, my day started out well.  I didn’t mind that I woke to the reality that we had not yet won (we are in the draw for a prize home) the Gold Coast prize home, we are still in our gorgeous ‘still need to be finished’ renovated home on the Sunshine Coast.  Now this home is nothing to be sneezed at…I am very appreciative of our home, but I am over the renovating needs of this home.   Do I wish we bought a home that needed work and renovating?  NO WAY!!  I wish we bought a home that we didn’t need to do so much work on – but we did so we need to keep going till we finish.

We are getting there, but we have learned our lesson…if we end up selling this home – We ARE NOT EVER going to renovate a house again.   Its far too taxing on the family unit for us and we are not tradies in any way, so we don’t have workers at our disposal. We find ourselves at the mercy of ‘tradies’ and I don’t like that position to be in.

Anyway, getting back to the post, today has been a great day.  We haven’t long been home from the Joybells Beanie Party.   The kids had a ball, and I was surprised to see some old friends.   It was great.

So you are wondering what a Beanie Party is?

There is a gorgeous little gift store in the heart of Caloundra called ‘Joybells’.   My friend Haley and her family run the store and over the last few years they invite about 50 kids to come to their annual Beanie Kids Party.  They have games and activities and give away many Beanie kid bears.    So much fun to watch.   Now if you want to be included on the list for a possible invite, you have to look the joybells Card and Gift Store up on facebook…

The Joybells store is considered the best gift store probably on the Sunshine Coast.  There is literally something for everyone.    They have a huge range of cards, and my daughters believe that Joybells has the best range of Beanie Kid bears.    Joybells have a fresh new website …which of course you can buy from, so even if you live on the Coast, but can’t make it down to the Caloundra store, you can relax in your own home and shop…. I love options!!!  I bet that if you ever need to buy a gift for a loved one, and you buy from Joybells you will feel the love and joy that comes from Haley and her team…they can’t help it – that’s just who they are!   oh by the way…here is the web address

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