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Taking Stock – June 2017

June has been a massive month for our family.  I wish I could say it was a good month, but it really has been a hard month overall.   We got through, survived reporting, a death, funeral, and now, thank God, we are on school holidays.  All I can say is that I am so glad to be on school holidays.


Cooking: I have lost my desire to cook mojo at the moment. June has been a massive month for our immediate and extended family, and I am hoping the good old mojo comes back in soon.

Drinking : Soda water and lemon – I love it! I did try drinking a cup of tea earlier this month – but reminded me why I do not like tea!

Reading:Own your Life’ by Sally Clarkson, AND we have just started reading ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ by C.S. Lewis together.

Trawling: iphone photography youtube videos

: A photographic memory, and a magical wand to clean the house AND put meals on the table – without having to put in any effort! (I’m just being real – I know every mum would want a magical wand to do these things!)

: Forward. Always forward.

: On school holiday options. I would love to go to as many beaches as I can on the Sunshine Coast. Chanel would like to do some sewing on the sewing machine – so at some point I will de-web the sewing machine and see if we can get it working.

Wishing: I wish we had the ability to turn back time. To say the things we should have said, and to take back words that I should never have said.

Enjoying: Listening to ‘Adventures of Odyssey “ the Ultimate Road Trip”’ with the kids.  Also enjoying a few days on the Gold Coast to celebrate the kids working hard over the course of the semester.   There is something very healing to sit by the ocean and regroup.

Waiting: I was waiting for the ‘YOU HAVE WON…’ phone call from Boystown….but it never came. So disappointing, as we really loved this last home in Tanawha.

It’s the end of Term 2. Reporting is done. School holidays are here! This last term has been massive – too big, in many respects! Yes, I have things to do regarding school over the holidays, BUT it’s not urgent. I’m very happy to be on school holidays. I may not be thriving at this moment, but I love being on holidays. l love spending time with the kids and doing things that we don’t normally have time to do!

Wondering: Why people say that time heals. I’ve decided this isn’t true…

My family – immediate and extended! There aren’t enough words for how much I love my family and friends.

Pondering: Life. death. Loss. A hideous disease called ‘Motor Neurone Disease’.

Listening: To my ‘everyday music’ playlist on Spotify.

Considering: What the next few months will bring. Our family is to find our new normal after my step father died earlier this month.

Buying: Just the bare essentials – we don’t need anything at the moment.

Watching: Iphone photography youtube videos…..I love learning about photography!!! I’m also rewatching a British comedy show I enjoy called ‘Miranda’. This not only gives me a giggle, but helps me relax. I am a bit over netflix….So many choices, not enough time, I never know what I want to watch. There’s also a lot on netflix I wouldn’t want to watch too. In frustration, I usually end up turning it off and reading.

Hoping: That scientists can find a a breakthrough to help people who have Motor Neurone disease. It really is the most hideous disease. No one should have to suffer through this disease. Unfortunately, the only way scientists will find a cure is if we throw money in their direction. If you would like to donate… is the link. If you choose to donate, only donate to the organisations directly. Their are a lot of marketing agencies that ask for donations on behalf of an organisation, and take a huge percentage of the donations.   (I have no affiliation with the MND Australia site or foundation, I simply want to see more money going to the foundation so that they can research and hopefully one day find a cure for Motor neutron disease).

Marvelling: At how awesome my mum is.  I am so proud of her. She has literally shown us all what it is too really honour her ‘for better or worse, in sickness and in health’ wedding vows over the last couple of years. She took each day as it came, and bravely rode the motor neurone disease journey with her husband. Earlier this month, he passed away peacefully, 14 and a half months after he was officially diagnosed with Motor Neurone (we believe the onset of the disease was at least 12 months prior to his formal diagnosis).

Motor Neurone Disease, also known as ALS, is an incurable and incredibly aggressive disease that attacks a person’s neurological. pathways.  This disease attacks every muscle in a person’s body, while continuing to allow the person to use their senses.  They feel, smell, see and hear everything that is happening to them and around them. While my step father didn’t have to go through the worst of MND, he was definitely merging into the next phase of the disease. Motor Neurone disease robs people of their dignity and their ability to do anything for themselves. It forces them to completely rely on their carers for everything, and from what I have read and seen online, those who suffer right to the very end, have very difficult deaths. Something none of us want for anyone. Ever.

Throughout the last two years, Mum wasn’t always strong, but she worked hard each day and did her very best. There are a number of funny little mishap stories from along the journey that we will always remember and smile about, but there aren’t enough words to tell you how proud my brothers and I are of our mum.

Cringing: At the way a child (about 7) at the shops spoke to her mum today. The mother didn’t even blink – I think she might be used too being spoken to like that.

Needing: Early nights – I am my own worst enemy!

Questioning: Politicians. The way our world is being run. Why is it so hard for some people to do the right thing?

Smelling: Essential oil frankincense.

Wearing: Right now….I am wearing my awesome Big W pyjama’s I got for Mothers day with my pink fluffy socks. I might not be sexy, but I am cosy…and some nights cosy is far more important than sexy!

Noticing: It seems I have reached the age of arthritis. I’m focussing on alkaline foods and ways to minimise the effects of arthritis. I love walking with my friend every Monday, but I have to up the anti again. Health! Health! Health!

Knowing: A hot baths are awesome. “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” (Sylvia Plath)

Thinking: About new ways to improve my blog, be a better mum, be a better wife, take better photos, exercise, eating good food, blogging articles, church, friends, family members, my Aunt, what DIY jobs we should tackle first, how to help mum transition into her ’new normal’, taking mum down to Brisbane to see her sister, my to-do list, things to do on the holidays with the kids, should I cut my hair? (just a few things)

Admiring: My mum, Lones and my Aunty Lynda, my sister in laws, and my step sister.  We are strong women.

Getting: I’m not getting anything right now!  Don’t need anything.

Bookmarking: Natural skin care recipes, teaching phonics, blending ladders etc

Opening: Bills – yuck!

Closing: Down apps on my phone I have decided I don’t really like or use.

Feeling: Tired – it’s been a big emotional few weeks.

Hearing: The ‘Transformers’ movie in the back ground – Hubby is watching it with our two older girls.

Celebrating: Life

Pretending: I’ve got it all together – (NOT!)

Embracing: Hygge (hoo-gah) – Loving the whole Danish art of getting cosy. 🙂


I’d love to heasome of your ‘Taking stock accounts’.   Xo


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