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    Unstoppable Soul Surfer

    One of the things I like about homeschooling through Faith CSDE is that the high school english program among other aspects to the curriculum, is really well done. Each term we are asked to read a particular book, answer questions, and learn new modes of writing, and each term has a different focus with regard to the learning mode of the curriculum. The programs are written in such a way that students are taken on a journey alongside the main character in the book. They use appropriate youtube videos, and numerous mediums of learning to bring depth to the subject at hand. This term we are reading ‘Soul Surfer’ (Third…

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    I Can Only Imagine

    This last weekend we took our two older girls to see the new movie ‘I Can Only Imagine’. Bart Millard, from Christian band ‘Mercy Me’, many years ago wrote a song called ‘I Can Only Imagine’ after his father died. His father was quite an abusive man when Bart was growing up, and as a result, Bart left home as soon as he physically could. Every kid wants a loving relationship with their father. There is a need inside of every child that aches for that special relationship with their dad. They want to be cared for, and nurtured specifically by their father. Bart would try to please his father,…

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    A Life Animated

      This week its the ‘Caloundra Film Festival’. The beauty of homeschooling means we can take advantage of the local events and work them into our curriculum.  Obviously not everything fits in, but sometimes events can work in to the mix beautifully. This week is ‘the Caloundra Film Festival’, and so this morning I took the girls to the local cinema to see ‘Life Animated’. ‘Life Animated’ is a story about a young man called Owen who was diagnosed at three with regressive autism.   He developed a strong affinity and passion for animated disney films, and once his parents realised – when Owen was around seven, they used the animated…

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    Argo – the script that changed the lives of 6 Americans!

    I don’t think I ever thought that much of Ben Affleck as an actor.  Before Argo I think I considered him to be either a standard actor jock or pretty boring.   While his childhood friend Matt Damon has gone from strength to strength over the years, poor old Benno has seemed to struggle from one bad script to another.  That was until he acted, produced and directed ‘Argo’.   I have a brand new respect for the guy!  While I don’t think he suits scruffy hair and a scruffy beard, his role in the recent movie Argo is in my opinion going to shoot him into Hollywood’s elite list…

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    Review: The Diary of the Wimpy Kid – Dog Days

    So I know your all wondering what I thought of this movie?   Dion and I decided that we would take the kids to the 6:40pm session at the Caloundra Cinemas tonight as we have an almost 10 year old who has loved the Wimpy kid series and was so looking forward to Dog Days coming out. Its the start of the September school holidays and we usually start the break off with a bit of a bang!  Well a movie! How would I review it?   Well, lets just say that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first two movies in the series.  Yes there…

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