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What’s going on inside you?


Isn’t it funny, some of the conversations that come up when chatting with your kids?  Just the other day, we were just all chatting about life and what we liked and somehow I was able to throw in the comment that inside of me is a very fit, babe-alicious, fashionable, fun yummy mummy – screaming to be let out!   Something I am absolutely not feeling at the moment…but there it was on the table.   There was silence for a minute – girls deep in thought, when my youngest little girl Chanel (6) says, ‘well inside of me is a very rich and talented fashion designer…..who really wants to go shopping?’

I have to admit that Chanel has always had her own style.   She is a fashionista on so many levels.   She puts together some very cool ensembles and prances around in them like she just chucked them together.    When she was little I would choose two things that I would think appropriate for her to wear, and lets just say that she would want to wear anything but what I chose for her.

Chanel is the child who wants to please me at every opportunity. She hates getting into trouble and she makes deals with me.   I think she will be a fantastic little business woman when she is older.   She just makes a whole lot of sense.   If she is brilliant at 6….what kind of brilliant will she be when she is actually in her prime?

It wasn’t as though we fought about what type of clothing I wanted her to wear, it was more a case that she would ask questions like ‘is it a cold clothes kind of day?’  ‘Does my clothing have to have sleeves?’  ‘Can I wear a dress?’  What if i hate the pants?   Can we make my outfit look better?    Sometimes all it took was saying to Chanel, ‘If you wear this outfit that I really want you to wear – you can wear the little tiara and wings with it!’.  That little trick seemed to work more often than not!

I want Chanel to have her own little style.  I want her to find her niche and feel fabulous.   You learn quickly that life can throw all types of issues and opportunities our way…but if your going about your life with a little style – doesn’t that make life just a bit easier!

From a parenting point of view, if Chanel is a little fashionista at 6 – Lord, please help me to get through her teen years – its going to be an expensive bumpy ride!  🙂

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