Taking Stock – July 2017

I love this time of the month.   I especially love writing my ‘Taking Stock – 2017’posts.   If you are wondering where I got the idea of Taking Stock each month, well you can thank Pip Lincoln, who writes an awesome blog called ‘Meet me at Mikes’.

Not sure how we got to the end of July –  this year is going a little too fast for me.

So here we go….July 2017.

Making :   I have lots of ideas, but not enough time at the moment.     Making anything besides dinner is off the list of priorities at the moment.   There’s always August!

:    Nothing extravagant.  Just simple healthy dinners I can cook in my sleep.   I will again at some point get my cooking mojo back.  I’m also trying to use what I have in the cupboards and freezer so I can make some changes and put some new recipes on the menu plan.  I’m using the $25 challenge from   The basic rule is that you can’t spend more than $25 for the week.  The objective is to use what you have in the cupboard and ONLY buy what you must to make the meals work.

: Lemon and Soda water.

:     This month I have been looking at quite a lot of books.   Here is a photo of some of the books I have been devouring this month.   I love reading!

Trawling: My bookshelf to see if there are books I can pass on to the op shop. It’s time to do a bit of a book cleanse.

: The school holidays to come back.   I wasn’t ready to start back at school this term.  It’s already the third week of term and I don’t feel like I recovered from last terms workload.   The last six weeks have been a bit too big I think.

:   At and Pinterest for home inspiration.

:  We decided to cancel our Netflix subscription this month.  Yes, there is a lot on Netflix to watch, and they are always putting more shows and movies on the service, but we have decided to take a break.   You know you need a break when you feel time poor, and you can never figure out what to watch.

:  Today I wish for a magic wand.   I’d like to wave it around and fix everything and everyone in life that needs fixing.

:  Lots of things….friends, family, food, church, Girltime, showers, reading, writing, walking up at Mooloolaba, putting my feet in the sand at the beach.

:  Not really waiting for anything or anyone.

:   August is the very last month of winter!  I love Spring!  Oh, and this weekend we are catching up with our lifelong friends who married hubby and I almost 16 years ago.   Hubby and Mark have been friends since they were in year 5!  🙂

:   Will we accidentally kill the herb seeds we planted 12 days ago.   Hope not!   I don’t have a good track record with growing seedlings.

Loving:   There is a new baby boy in our big funny family.   My sister in laws sister had a little boy last week.  He’s so gorgeous.   I can’t wait to actually hold him.

:   The simple things in life.   We don’t need much to be happy in life.

:    I haven’t listened to many podcasts this month.  I have mainly been listening to music on spotify!   LOVE spotify!

Considering:  Options and ideas!

Only what we need….outside of food, we don’t really need much.  My kids think differently of course!

:  I have been watching Lisa Harper on YouTube.  Lisa adopted a little girl from Haiti a number of years ago and she is quite humourous.  Hubby and I decided to watch the ‘Happy’ doco-movie on Netflix before our month finished up.   It was so worth the watch.   I’d love to see it again actually.

: For really really good things.

:   At how fast the kids are growing – too fast!

Cringing:  At some of the so called comedians on news shows.  Does anyone else think its weird to have comedians on news shows?

Time out!!

: Why do people get their knickers in a twist over really small issues!

:  Orange and lavender essential oils.  I really love essential oils!

Wearing:   Clothes!

Noticing:   It might be winter but I think Spring is starting to try and poke through! Spring is my favourite season!

Knowing:    I know lots of things. Not quite a walking encyclopedia but I am a homeschool mum who has learnt a lot over the last few years.    Homeschooling the kids has taught me a lot about myself – I’ve discovered I’m a lot smarter than I ever gave myself credit for.   🙂

Trouble-shooting:  Thyroid medication issues!

Thinking:   I have a lot of tabs open – I’m thinking it’s time Amy get’s a part time job!

Admiring:  People who are passionate about what they are doing in their lives!  I find that so inspiring.

Bookmarking:   Health articles I like to read – Dr Eric Berg, Recipes, art activities for the kids,  help for homeschooling mums,  writing prompts, year one homeschooling ideas to help JJ.  Lots of things.  And yes I rely on the internet for many areas of life!!  🙂

Amy’s year 9 maths book

 Amy’s year 9 maths book.  I don’t like quadratic equations.  I don’t even remember doing quadratic equations at school – maybe I have put them out of my mind?   Thank God for teachers we can call upon in times of math anxiety!


Reading a book by the pool, relaxing under the shade of a beautiful cabana on a beautiful blue skied day.   Wonderful servants are serving me lemon and soda water alternating with lemon, lime and bitters, and are then leaving me alone to relax!

                                                                        It’s free to dream!

Listening to the kids chat about their batman xbox game.

August family birthdays are coming quickly!

 To know what I am doing!

   Life, family and friends.


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