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October 2021

Well Hello!

2021 has not been the best blogging year for me. I can’t believe its literally taken me till now, the end of October, to actually get a blog post out. I feel as though so many things have happened this year, but when I try to write about it all – 2021 doesn’t look like it has felt. Maybe it is just a little bit of writers block, but also maybe what I would like to say about 2021 should not be said, maybe 2020/2021 will be two years in our history that we will look back on with angst and some sadness.

First of all, let’s start with news about homeschooling. After seven years of homeschooling, I am officially hanging up my hat. Hubby and I decided earlier in the year to investigate options and found out there was an opportunity for our little man to head to school mid year, so he has been back at school and enjoying being part of a class environment. He likes his teacher, robotics club, and has decided to run for a year 6 leadership position. He really makes my heart smile, and of course he is still so cute and still allows me to hug him.

Meanwhile, Nell, is finishing up her TAFE at school cert 2 course in the next few weeks, and so we are free to make fresh decisions for next year. Nell has decided she would like to go back to school for her senior years, partly because she doesn’t want to miss out on going to her formal, but also she wants to be a kid for a bit longer before doing whatever she wants to do once she leaves school. We are very excited for her new school adventure for next year. I am excited to see the school year to finish, but then I want the school holidays go really slowly. I am ready for some downtime.

Hubby had a major mile stone birthday this year – the big 5.0.

Beps is doing well in her apprenticeship. She has been setting lots of goals for when she finishes her apprenticeship which we support but hope that the craziness of the world we live in will go away so she will be able to achieve as many of her aspirations.

Amys is doing well. She is thinking about her options and making some decisions for her future. Ames recently turned 19, we are on the cusp of getting her P plates. I won’t say anything more about that till we have reached the mammoth goal. The main thing is that she is doing well and moving forward.

This year, hubby and I will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Its a major milestone that we are both proud of, but also excited about. We are planning our family holiday and very excited to celebrate as a family. It’s very strange to think how quickly 20 years has gone by. At the end of this year hubby and I will be married 20 years so we have organised our family holiday around this time. We are praying all the little bits and pieces come together. It’s wonderful to have something to look forward too. We are talking a lot about what we want 2022 to look like for us as a family, what adventures we would like to have and the like. Making plans is half the fun.

Anyway, I hope to write again soon. I’m planning to not leave it so long between posts. #goals.

Chat soon,

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