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Wakey, Wakey!

If you watched the Grammy’s last week, you will know that we are living in incredibly dark times. I don’t normally write about this type of thing, but it is time for people to wake the heck up! Look around you. Is it normal in our society to allow an entertainer like Sam Smith and his trans friend Kim Petros dress like Satanic priests at a public event such as the Grammies. They performed their song ‘Unholy’, and while entertaining the crowd, dancers performed what I would call a mock human sacrifice. It was disgusting on so many levels.

Shocking! I know. Right!!!???

The thing that gets me, is that these shows are aimed at our youth to watch.

These are the people who have influence on our youth through music, film and television. Even teen books are entangling our kids into the world of demonic fantasy. If you think I am wrong, go and look on the shelves of your local book shop and then tell me I am wrong. When I was a young teen I was reading books like the Sweet Valley High series, the Adventures of Trixie Beldon series, and I enjoyed autobiographies and biographies of real people. Today, teen books are focused on sexual relationships, witchcraft and becoming LGBTIQ. Please know that I am not trying to offend anyone when I write this, I am an advocate for ALL children, unborn and born, and I believe whole heartedly that our children should and need to be protected. Their innocence needs to be protected right through to when they reach adulthood. In America, a person is not considered an adult until they are 21, and I agree that we should consider our children adults when they turn 21, and are financially able to pay their bills and expenses without the help of Mum and Dad.

Based on the research, a child’s brain doesn’t fully develop until they are in their mid twenties ( It is my personal opinion that a child becomes an adult WHEN he or she has a job, is responsible for their lives, and can pay their bills without the help of Centrelink, Mum or Dad, or Grandma. It is my opinion, that when a person of a certain age can do all of these things, then they can choose what gender or sexual orientation they would like to be.

As a mother, I don’t want entertainers or celebrities to have any control, influence or power over my children. I know I can’t wrap my kids in cotton wool, but with the world the way it is, and what I saw at the Grammies this year, I want to wrap every one of them in cotton wool, and never let them out into the world. There is an evil force trying to influence our children in many ways, and I am seeing the influence first hand, our kids are being encouraged to rebel against their parents, society, and Christianity.

Evil has always existed behind the scenes. We know that. We aren’t naive enough to believe that the world all of a sudden opened the doors to evil. The difference between then and now is that celebrities, the World Economic Forum, The World Health organisation, our politicians, and even some teachers are influencing our kids in ways that they should never be influenced, and its so in our faces and obvious. Our media is saturated.

I get that anybody can become a mum or a dad, but it takes a boot strapped Mumma and Papa Bear to stand up and advocate for not just your children, but other peoples children. I choose to stand in the gap, I choose to pray against the wave of evil trying to influence our young people, and I choose to speak up against those things that I see as detrimental to our young people. These things are going to stop our kids dreaming for their futures, and seeing their dreams and potential come into fruition.

I found it very interesting that the channel 9 coverage of the grammies did not show one Christian artist who won grammies on the night. In that room, on that night, there were pastors, and Christian Artists who I have been silent since the Grammies was aired. Christian Artists who won awards on the night were not mentioned on Channel 9. Maverick City, Brandon Lake, Kirk Franklin, David Crowder, For King and Country, Phil Wickham, Erica Campbell, Tye Tribbett, Toby Mac, Chris Tomlin, Ann Wilson, and quite a few more won awards and should have had their award being received televised.

Maverick City won nine awards yet not one word from mainstream media congratulating them on their success. Ironically, Maverick City and Beyonce won the same amount of awards. They won 9 awards each. Yet Beyonce who is rumoured in Hollywood to be a witch of some sorts, was televised being congratulated. It doesn’t seem right to me that some people are graded worthy of being televised and others are not. It’s interesting that the bible literally says that that those who do evil will be seen as good, and those who do good will be seen as evil. There are about 100 verses in the bible that talk about this. Start at Isaiah 5:20 if you would like to see for yourself.

I think it’s time for a switch around. Good should be praised and evil should be shunned. It’s going to take an army of strong men and women who want all children to be protected to fight back. I know for me, I am angry ‘these people’ have so much influence over our kids in one way or another. Our society needs the next generation and future generations to be good citizens, because if the evil continues to flaunt itself, by the time my great grandchildren are here, it will be quite the scary world for them to try and take over for good.

Let’s turn the television off, play more games with our kids, plan adventures, encourage reading books with morals and adventure over witchcraft, and in general spend more time with each other. Kids want their parents engaged in their lives. Whether it looks like that or not, time spent is the fundamental desire. They want to be nurtured, cared for and heard. Parenting is not just feeding them, clothing them and sitting them in front of the television. What kind of programming do you want your kids to get from what is on television?

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