December 2022

Hello Again!

What a crazy last couple of months we have had!!

I thought I would give you a little update, since I wrote last time.

1. At our school’s High School Presentation night, Nell was awarded numerous awards – Age Champion, Creative arts award, an academic award, and a Christian achievement award.

2. Chanel was also chosen as one of the 2023 School Captains. There are 5 really lovely kids who were elected. Nell’s role in the coming year will be quite significant. It will be fun to watch her grow in the months to come. Nell looks amazing in her red jacket!

3. Jj had his presentation night a week later. J graduated from year 6 this year and was awarded ‘The Most improved’ award. As his mum who travelled an incredibly rocky beginning in the early days of J’s school life, to find ourself heading into high school is exciting and nerve racking. I can’t wait to see what he gravitates to over the next few years.

4. Nell’s hospitality class put on a pop up restaurant for parents and teachers. They did exceptionally well. Everything, but one of the desserts.

5. Jj’s graduation dinner was amazing. Parents weren’t invited, but we heard through the grapevine that it was a success! Kids and teachers enjoyed themselves and loved the night. Again Nell was involved in helping the hospitality teacher put on a great night for the kids.

6. Nell was on the hospitality team for the year 12 formal. The kids cooked, served, and cleaned up.

7. Beps had to go to Brisbane last week for her final assessment block (Monday through to Thursday). It was a huge week in so many ways, but to Bethy’s credit she kept her cool and kept her eye on the prize. On Thursday afternoon, she left her last class a qualified Baker/Patisserie Chef. We celebrated her success by jumping on a ‘City Hopper’ and heading over to Southbank. We wandered around for a little while, had dinner at a little Japanese restaurant, and then made our way back to work out how to get back to our apartment via the city hopper. On the Friday evening we spent time with family, and then went back to the apartment to start packing up a little bit. The week went fast in many ways, but it was a massive week for Bethy. I can’t stop calling Beps ‘The Graduate’, but it is such a big deal considering how hard she has worked for this qualification. And yes, I am a very proud Mum!

8. Nell got a job! This is very exciting on so many levels for us as parents. It will be like a traineeship in someways, so she will have a job and a cert. This will help her with her goal to get into university when she leaves school. I think 2023 will be a big year for Nell in so many ways, but it will be exciting to watch her develop and grow.

In amongst the craziness of school life, we also had extended family events, friends weddings, Bridal showers and the like. I am hoping for some down time over the Christmas and new year period, before the craziness of 2023 starts. I’m not really sure that will be a reality, but one can hope. 🙂

Next job on the agenda is to get organised for Christmas, and keep working on Beps driving hours. I think we have 23 to go.

Chat soon,

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