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Reporting, Homeschooling and Holidays

This week is the week of the semester that I look forward to the least. Reporting week!

Our teacher came on Tuesday to do reporting with us.   I like our teacher, but I really don’t like the reporting process.    I wanted to feel ready, and in control, but this time, I did not.   We have worked hard this semester, but it’s also been a very full on few months.  I feel that the best picture I can give you is of me, pushing two very large elephants up a very long and rocky steep ascented  hill.  A hill where I have tripped and dropped said elephants, and pulled myself up again to only find that the elephants have gained weight and the struggle to push them up the hill is harder than before.

Now the reporting part has been done, I will admit that I feel as though the elephants don’t feel as heavy, but we still have to finish the term well.   We aren’t done yet – there are still things to do!

Okay, so I am exaggerating a little bit, and the children aren’t elephants, but the pressure does feel like that at times.  I think I just need the holidays – it has been a big year, and I would like to make a few changes for next year.   The jury is out at this minute, as to what to do regarding homeschooling in 2019, particularly for the two younger ones, but I am certainly thinking about our options.   One part of me wants to put the two younger kids in school for the year and see how we get on, but the other part of me is conflicted and unsure as to what I should do.  As I said, I think I am tired and a little ‘end of year’ emotional, so not a good time to make big decisions.

Do you get ‘end of year emotional’?   I don’t know whether its really a thing, but because I feel it – I am going to say it is a thing, but I don’t think its an official thing. I don’t think any doctor would say its a thing.

Bring on the School holidays, family and friend catch ups, and a plan to figure out what we would like 2019 to look like.   I think the word for next year, might need to be balance!

Hope your wind down of 2018 is enjoyable.


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