2017,  Taking Stock

Taking Stock – December 2017

Oh my goodness, we are at the end of December, about to embark on a brand new year.  The New year (2018) will start in about 26 hours!  I am personally looking forward to the clock ticking over into 2018.

Before it does though, we need to do the very last ‘Taking Stock’ edition for the year!  I don’t think I will be doing ‘Taking Stock’ in 2018.    I have an idea for something else.

Cooking: Due to feeling over committed, I stuck to my old family favourites this month.   I must say though that Christmas food was relatively a big deal in our household this month, so my favourite Donna Hay Christmas recipe book pleaded for me to pick it up.

Drinking : Soda water and lemon – It’s still my go to drink!

Reading:  ‘ The Insanity of God:  A True Story of Faith Resurrected’ by Nik Ripken.   I feel as though this book has really changed my perspective regarding my faith and understanding of the persecuted church around the world.   My faith is really important to me and while I will always respect others thoughts and feelings, I have decided to not apologise for believing in God, or in what God has done for us.    Authors such as Nik Ripken delight in story telling.   We all love a good story about good conquering evil.   Nik Ripken interviewed people throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East – Countries where Christianity has been outlawed – Christians are either jailed, tortured or killed.    Millions of people throughout the world are being transformed by the message of hope through Christianity.   I found reading Nik Ripken’s stories of real life people who have lost everything for their faith, quite impacting.     How many of us are prepared to stand up for our faith despite the consequences?

Trawling:   This month I trawled the internet for more Donna Hay’s Christmas recipes.   A few years ago, when we were away, I managed to watch her Christmas special on Foxtel.   Sadly this episode is not on my Fresh and Simple DVD, and the episode can’t be bought or watched on YouTube.   It is a bit frustrating!    In my efforts to find the recipes from this Christmas episode, I found myself watching her on YouTube doing other recipes.    

Wanting:   In my efforts to find the Donna Hay Christmas episode, I found that she has been recording a number of number of episodes where she cooks with a group of kids.    I have always been a fan of Donna Hay, and this DVD is one I want when it comes out.   I am a visual learner so watching how easy it is to cook something works really well for me.   Two of my daughters are also keen to watch with me so I am looking forward to this DVD coming out.

I am also desiring an audio book by Natalie Grant called ‘Finding your Voice’.

Looking: Forward. Always forward.  There is no other way to live – move forward!

Deciding:   Oh my goodness.  Buying Christmas presents for the family.  The kids do not need much, despite their long lists, so we bought according to the ‘Something to read, something to wear, and something to play with’ idea.

Wishing: Not sure if there is a point to wishing for things.  You either want something and work toward it, or you dismiss it as not worth your effort.

Enjoying:  The Reject store had these cordless earphones on special, so I grabbed a pair.   Oh my goodness, not only are they noise cancelling earphones, the sound quality is amazing.   I love them!!!

Liking:   Church life!

Wondering:   This mum gig is hard work, when does it get easier?!  Does it ever get easier?

Loving:  The recent Wonder Woman movie.

Pondering: Life. God. Love. Family. Friendship. Purpose. Kids. Hubby has time off – so excited!!  And the list goes on and on and on.

Listening:   This month we have listened to ‘For king and Country’s’ Christmas album.   We also intermixed with Hillsongs Christmas album.   Also, podcasts such as happier with Gretchen Rubin,  Steven Furtick podcast, and 106.5fm

Considering:   Growing avocados, as I am tired being ripped off at the supermarket.  Any hints…please message me!  I will need all the help I can get.

Buying: This month we bought ourselves a new esky.  This isn’t just any esky – its bigger than the one we had, and its got an extendable handle and WHEELS!!!!  Seriously, big families need big eskies with wheels!

We packed it well and headed to the Carols at Kings Beach earlier this month.   I can not tell you how much easier it is to have an esky on wheels!!!  Oh my Goodness – why did we wait so long to get an esky on wheels??

Watching:    The month of Christmas requires us to watch at least a few Christmas movies.   We thoroughly enjoyed watching ‘Home Alone’ with our little guy.   This was the Christmas he understood the jokes and completely got into the movie.  Also been watching Brene Brown on YouTube.  Suddenly I’m starting to understand some of the hype surrounding her work, I  don’t agree with everything she says but her understandings and her observations regarding the way humanity works when faced with issues of trust, shame, vulnerability and the like are very interesting.   Humans are very complex beings.  are we going to show up and allow ourselves to experience vulnerability in the effort to have a more whole hearted life?

Hoping:   2018 will be a better year overall.

Marvelling:    At how fast this year has gone.  This year has gone far too quickly – it’s also been far too busy. Too many massive things happened this year.

Cringing: People who hide behind their computers and bully others who have a different opinion.

Needing:   I need to set my self a bed time and stick to it.   I also need to book a doctor appointment every 8 weeks to make sure my thyroid medication levels are okay.  This year I have let that slip a little and well, I don’t think that letting this slip is a good idea.

Questioning:   Malcolm Turnbull’s integrity….does he have any?

Smelling:  Fresh linen – love!!!

Wearing:   T-shirt and long denim shorts.

Noticing:   We are all aging!    I feel as though my rose coloured glasses have slipped to the wayside this year.   We are all getting older, but we are all also aging.

Knowing:  The days are long, but the years are short.    (Gretchen Rubin)

Thinking:  About life in general.   Relationships with family and friends. What I want our lives to look like this time next year.   The news.  Helping mum finalise some loose ends, so that 2018 can start fresh for her.  My to do list, Hubby is on holidays. Back yard DIY,  Inside DIY jobs, My new glasses cost a lot of money, when will I get my new glasses because I am tired of my eyes hurting,  New Years resolutions, blogging – just to name a few.

Admiring:   The inspiring and wonderful women in my life.

Bookmarking: Donna Hay recipes

Opening:  Vacuum bags from the garage.

Closing:   Decluttering again.  I want to feel ready for the new year.

Feeling: A little apprehensive.   2018 is the year I have 3 high schoolers!  Its going to be interesting. Also feeling sad because a friend of mine and I have parted ways.

Celebrating:   Christmas with Family.   Our Christmas celebrations started early December this year, which was fun.   I actually loved starting the Christmas season earlier.  We put up our tree two weeks earlier and have enjoyed the celebrations at church and around town.    I will say though, that next year, I want to be more organised with getting people Christmas presents earlier.   I wasn’t as organised with the kids Christmas presents.

Pretending:   I pretend to be organised.  This seems to be my motto….maybe 2018 will be the year I’ll actually achieve the goal.    I have bought a bills folder from Kikki.k  – so we are on our way to being better organised in at least this area.

Embracing:    Life, love, and our family.

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