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Madonna eat your heart out – the girls got style

This child is a fashionista!   Her name happens to be Chanel and lets just say that she has some style.   From an early age – 2, Chanel has wanted to dress herself .   Often dismissing the perfect and practical outfit that I set out for her, for a much fancier dress or skirt and shirt combination.  If it was cold she would add a pair of leg ins to the mix and walk out the door with a bracelet, necklace, sandals, a shoulder bag and sunglasses.  Many times the tiara would be placed elegantly upon her head.

This child is all about looking good.   She is now 6 and a very fashionable 6 year old at that.

Recently at the school musical, Chanel’s role was to dress as a fish.   We looked high and low for the perfect fish costume.  I was thinking along the lines of a fish like Nemo or Dory, Chanel was thinking beautiful shirt, tiara, sequined mask and a sparkling toe-lace.    I was looking for the ‘fish’ in the costume!    I couldn’t find the ‘fish’ in her costume.  I had this feeling that Chanel was going to look odd among the other fish in her class on stage, but I made the decision that if it wasn’t concerning her – it wasn’t going to concern me.   Its a great theory – and takes some pressure off me.   There are much bigger fish to fry in life’s journey (pardon the pun) and I just didn’t want to argue this outfit issue with her.  If she and her teacher were happy with this ‘fish’ look – then I was fine with it.   She has worn the shirt a number of times and loves it…I find myself smiling when I see her in it as it looks like a shirt and nothing at all fishy about it.

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